Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*UPDATE* the last (possibly) Haiku Challenge at Sparrow's...

*UPDATE* please VOTE before 11 pm Thursday!

All things come to an end. Or do they?

This may be the last time Sparrow does the Haiku Challenge.
She's been doing this faithfully for two years or more. At the
minimum, she deserves a hiatus. And, lots and lots of thanks.

Her topic for this possibly final week is:

************************** LOVE **************************

Let's do a knock-out job for her this week. Deadline 10 pm.

Source of all life's true
joy and pain. It comes to an
end. Even the best.

We know there will be
tears, so we brush each other's
away. Live for smiles.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Isn't a hiatus a 29 syllable poem?

the walking man said...

We look upon time
lamenting the loss of it
forgetting love found

Jean said...

J Cosmo, I guess it could be.

Mark, lovely, as always.

Sparrow said...

Actually, J Cosmo, it's 27.3 syllables.

Jean said...