Saturday, November 23, 2019

It could be said...

No news is good news, they say.
But why dwell only on the bad and not so good? 

Carol has been busy with the church ladies making
stuffed cabbages and baking breads and nut rolls.
They sell them all year long to make money for the church
but, of course, the holidays are always busier.

Ann has been working crazy overtime. Finally got back
to normal 40 hours this week. She's looking forward to
the long Thanksgiving weekend and an even longer time
off for Christmas.

Tom and his family will be visiting for a day during
Thanksgiving weekend. We haven't seen them since this
summer so it will be a fun visit.

I changed eye doctors and am glad I did.
Saw my primary care and I swear, she did a
Jekyl & Hyde turn around. I've been threatening to find
a new doctor for over a year but this one has miraculously
developed a caring personality. We were both quite pleased
with my bloodwork results. (I was so pleased, I came home
and ate a gooey, chewy brownie. I'll work it off tomorrow.)

We'll watch the Browns play Miami this Sunday, but the big
show will be in Pittsburg next week. I'm really not a fan of
football. It's just something to do once in a while until
baseball gets going again. C'mon Spring Training! 

Did I make you yawn?

Sunday, November 03, 2019

November. holy crap...

I need to post something to move the Halloween cartoon down.

This is it. 

Life is quiet right now and that's good.
I'm almost done with Christmas shopping.
The weather's been colder and wet. Could see s**w soon.
I was hoping there'd be some comments on the little poem.
It's ok. I still like it. It's ok if you don't. 
Pondering has been pretty sucky lately.
I'll work on it.