Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UPDATE: Haiku Help...

UPDATE: please VOTE before 11 pm Thursday.

I didn't expect Sparrow to have her Haiku Challenge
this week because of all she's dealing with concerning
her little doggy-girl. I should have known that a strong
lady like her would handle all things with grace and:

******************** STRENGTH *********************

Even if you don't have a haiku to enter by 10 pm tonight,
it would be nice if you simply offered her some words of
comfort and encouragement. Help hold up a friend.
She's always there for others.

Well, shoot... while you're at it, go over to Walking Man's
place and give him a boost, too. He's in the hospital.

my haiku entries:

Think about how much
you've done so far. Be amazed.
Then do it again.

Lean on me when you
need to breathe. Sharing burdens
makes us all stronger.

We possess what we
need. Some choose to drain others.
Selfish. Lazy. Waste.


Percy Bisque Silley said...

Selfish, lazy, waste... Fie and for Shame!

Jean said...

Indeed it is, Mr. Silley.
I see your poetry entry is available for review. I will visit shortly.
Welcome to Pondering.......