Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Haiku duh...

Sparrow rants at IDIOTS.
UPDATE: voting continues until 11 pm Thursday.

my entries for this week:

Well, duh. Of course the
coffee is hot. And, it ought
not be in your lap!
You had the best love
of your life with me. The path
does not come back here.
Fool me once, poor me.
Fool me twice and I am the
idiot savant.
Four and twenty black
birds baked in a pie won't fit
in the damn oven.

Deadline for entries is 10 pm tonight.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

From one to the other...

one: If I believed in previous lives, I'd say we knew each other before.

other: You don't have to believe in something for it to be real.
If it's real, it is. Truth does not crumble and blow away because
of lack of faith from anyone.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bloggers in Business...

I am blessed with many friends here.
Hard-working, intelligent, talented.

One of those dear friends is Red Hill Kudzu.
He recently put together a website for selling antiques
and assorted treasures. Browse around Arrowhead Antiques
and be awed by the craftsmanship of yesteryear.

Another gem on my list of friends is Bear on a Bicycle.
Shrugged has a site that features his own handmade jewelery.
Click on From the Earth and be dazzled by his talent.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Choo-Choo Haiku...

I shall have to ponder some on this topic for
Sparrow's Weekly Haiku Contest- TRAINS

Submit your entries by 10 pm Wednesday.

She gives a prize, ya know.

Rock me gently as
you take me where I want to
be. Wrapped in his arms.

The moon follows our
rail journey by hopping from
mountain to mountain.

I think the caboose
is my favorite part. Just
along for the ride.

UPDATE: Vote for your favorite by 11 pm Thursday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fool them once...

love the one you're with.
take it any way you want.
they believe what they perceive,
how is that your fault.
user, loser, more than once abuser.
shame? you have none.
hurry on to the next one
waiting just for you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Haiku Contest...

Please go back to Sparrow's to vote for your favorite.

~~~~~LOVE~~~~~ at Sparrow's.

All that I am is
here for you. All that you are
is all that I love.


Well, whad'dya know?
I find you on my doorstep,
after all this time.


We give it meaning
by living it every day.
Together. In truth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Carry on...

VOTE for your favorite haiku by 11 pm Thursday.

Sparrow wants us all to focus on our STRENGTH
as a country, as individuals in this country, instead
of just whining about the current state of the economy.

I couldn't agree more.

Go. Submit your haiku.
Deadline for entries is 10 pm Wednesday.

my entries:

to never give up, never
give in. Survival.
One person at a
time. Rebuild what is broken.
We will grow again.
Don't get in my way.
I am working on my life.
Sweat equity wins.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I'll save the good news for last...

My ex-employer had another lay-off this morning.
Seven more production workers and at least two
more office staff. The cut-backs are reaching farther
this time, though.

They have a small facility (all computer chip, all the time)
in California. The CEO is flying there to administer a
lay-off there. First time, ever, I believe.

Another first for them is a cut-back, of some sort, at their
shiny, modern facility in Singapore.
Will I go to hell for smiling about that bit of news?

The folks currently working in Florida are still working
short weeks (thirty-two hours). Indefinitely.
There may be a total plant shut-down for the month of May.
They are expecting no improvement in business this year.
At all.

For anyone who cares to leave a comment here, thank you,
in advance. But, let me say this:
It better not include anything even remotely similar to
"it isn't really that bad out there." Seriously.

Oh, yes, the good news:
After charging almost two thousand dollars in car repairs
and maintenance (and still paying that off slowly), the car
still runs well. It looks like shit but, it runs.

And lastly, none of my unemployment checks have bounced.

There is no good news about the new venture at this time.
I have not given up. It is on hold for the time being.