Thursday, November 29, 2018

Looks like I missed November...

Here, not in real life.

Carol spent several days in the hospital with cellulitis.
No idea where it came from, just another issue to keep
an eye out for due to a compromised immune system.
Add it to the list.

She may have to have surgery on her lower eye lids.
They've curled down some and that lets her eyes get
too dry which, over time, can cause damage to the corneas.
She's using special drops but a surgeon will make a
recommendation after a consultation after xmas. 
Supposedly, this is not a side-effect of the chemo.

We're trying to get co-pay assistance from the
manufacturer of her chemo drug. She received a grant last
year that covered it but it ran out this month. The paperwork
and red tape seem to take forever. The co-pay is over
$1000 per month. We should hear if her application has
been accepted by the end of the week. Fingers crossed. 
She will always need chemo to keep the cancer from spreading. 

I try to read a lot to keep my brain busy. 
It works most of the time.

Thanksgiving was nice.