Sunday, March 31, 2019

Freaky, freaky weather...

It was a lovely 60 degrees yesterday.
It is now almost 2 am and it is raining
AND snowing at the same time. I swear.

I had no idea it could do that.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

itty-bitty FYI...

For anyone who was on the "Followers" list on
the sidebar, I deleted it. Nothing personal toward
anyone. Blogger messed with it and made it look ugly.
Plus, a lot of those followers and their blogs don't
exist anymore.

The blogs listed on my sidebar also include a rather
big batch of inactive blogs. Some of the authors have
died, some of the blogs have been deleted.
I guess it's acceptable to remove those blogs from the
list on the sidebar but... letting go can be difficult for me.
It may be silly, but it feels disloyal. Abandonment, of sorts.

When I moved from Florida, I lost/gave up a lot of things
that had a lot of meaning to me. A lot. It still hurts if I let
myself reflect on it. A huge failure on a long list of failures.

Anyway. Let's end on a more positive note, shall we?

I'm completely off insulin. Only using metformin for diabetes
control. Glucose levels are staying very stable with the
daily average 120 or lower, depending on what and how much
I eat, of course. A1c 5.6.... but the endo doc is concerned
about my levels of albumin and creatinin so he sent me to
a kidney specialist. Waiting on test results but I'm not
worrying. I feel good so I'm going with that for now.
Weight loss is slow but that's pretty much my own fault for
so rarely moving my ass this winter other than to shovel snow.
Still, almost 40 pounds gone.

Carol is doing well. She's into her second year of daily chemo
(Tykerb) and dealing with only minor side-effects. Hard to believe
that she first started chemo 7 years ago this month. Followed by
mastectomy and heavy radiation. I'm glad I was able to be
here for her. Plus the other siblings, too.

Long-awaited Spring is here today.
Yet another reason to be grateful.


Saturday, March 02, 2019

It happens every year...

"First the howling winds
awoke us
Then the rains came down
to soak us
Now, before the eye can
focus -

Lilja Rogers

 Spring springs eternal, my friends. Be patient.