Saturday, November 24, 2012

god has dandruff...

It snowed all day and most of the night.
Fortunately, it didn't stick.

Carol had her last full chemo treatment Tuesday.
She was nauseous most of Thursday night.
Plus, she has a bruise under her left eye and several of
her fingernails are bruised.
In three weeks she gets herceptin (one of the three chemo
drugs from the second mix) by itself, and will continue to
take it intravenously every three weeks from now on.
It is the drug they hope will prevent the cancer from returning.
Next Wednesday she'll have an MRI so the surgeon can
see exactly where the cancer remains.
She has a consult with the surgeon Dec. 4 and I am assuming
they'll tell her then when she'll have surgery.

I gave all of Sparky's food and treats to one of the neighbors.
Well, almost all. I kept one bacon treat and one Pupperoni.
You know, in case he comes back.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

whatta sucky sucky mood I are in...

I deleted my FB page eons ago because it became
the highway for friggin' spammers to find my email
and blog comments. 
Now LinkedIn has turned into a sewage spewer, too.
Enufffffff. That account is gone as of two days ago and
the spamage has already been reduced to tolerable.
Ha! Take that you slimeball scum-magnet societies. Yeah.
There are no USB cords for my camera on this planet.

My sister's platelet count was too low to do her last full
chemo treatment. They'll check it again in a week.

I am not meant to be a roommate.

I still mourn Sparky every day.
I have his leash and blanket and dog food and bacon treats.
Most of it will be donated, eventually.
I really wish I could hug everyone who left comments of
condolence and comfort. It helps. I re-read them almost
every day. Thank you, sweet people.

Today should be better for a while. We three sisters are
having a small birthday celebration for our youngest brother.
Youngest. He's 48 today. Wow.
We're such party-ers... fried chicken and jo-jo's, brownies
and ice cream while we watch the Browns.  I think I have
a few beers in the fridge. No doubt the windows will crack.
I wish baseball was a year round sport.

Sunshine and temps in the 50s through Thanksgiving weekend
is the forecast. Maybe I'll buy a cheap camera and go to the zoo.

Hope your weekend is what you want ♥

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

my Sparky is gone...

Rest in peace baby boy.
Mommy loves you. 

Berry did a beautiful post with more pics.
Go look at 'Time Flies'.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

OK, that was weird...

This morning, as I took Sparky out for his usual ritual,
there was stuff falling from the sky. White, globby stuff
while it was in mid-air but looking like normal raindrops
by the time it reached me, my raincoat and Sparky. WTF?

It is officially the end of the world as I knew it.