Saturday, July 24, 2021

Friday, July 09, 2021

Go ahead and dance anyway...


I don't know why this
makes me chuckle, because,
in fact I believe Disco
does suck.




(found at The Hammock Papers)

Saturday, July 03, 2021

Wander on, big fuzz-ball...


Well, it was Park Rangers not Police, but there really was a bear in the yard. 

Our back yard is fenced. Carol will
take a few laps every day in good
She did that today and then sat on
the front porch for a bit when
all of a sudden she came screaming
into the living room exclaiming the
the first line in this post.

Ann and I were reading/ watching
baseball and reacted with more than minimal confusion...
"WTF are you talking about??".
We all scrambled for window views and,
sure enough, there was a black bear in the
back yard. He stood about three feet at the
shoulder. Plenty big enough to be intimidating.
He seemed confused, too, looking
for an exit in the fence.

Both gates were closed so the only way for
him to get in or out of the yard was to scale the fence.
I don't think bears are known for leaping.

We turned away long enough to look for the Rangers parked
in the street out front and in that moment, the bear was gone.

The Rangers disappeared down a side street and all was quiet
here again. Except, the neighbors are seen once in a while
peering cautiously through windows or doors before venturing
out into the wild.