Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside...

The blizzard missed us so all is not too terribly bad.
Six inches of snow, minor wind gusts. Pretty ho-hum until
I realized I had to shovel that white stuff off the drive-way
and the front stoop and sidewalk. Sister Ann helped.
We've gone through four bags of salt, so far. I love salt.
It means less shoveling.

Those whacko weather people are already twitching over
the next wave of weather they see that might bring more snow.
Who shovels the whacko weather people's driveways?
They spend all their time on TV screaming at us.

Next Thursday is Carol's surgery. Ann and I will take her and
stay through the evening, at least.
Carol has plans to go out New Year's Eve for dinner and a movie
with some lady friends from her church. I say woo-hoo!

Before all of that, Sunday is Ann's birthday. 
I'm taking her out for dinner and maybe a movie. If'n she wants.
She probably will.

My friend Jan, in Florida, is probably wearing flannel shirts to
stay warm. It's 71 there. *sigh*

Friday, December 21, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Safe where?...

My sister's surgery is scheduled for January 3.
I asked the surgeon how long she'd be in the hospital
and she answered, "Oh, we'll send her home the next day.
We prefer to get the patients out of the hospital ASAP
to reduce the risk of infection."
I asked, "Infection from the hospital?" and she nodded yes.
How sad is that? Hospitals used to be safe places to recover.
They'll be sending her home with drain tubes and bags to
monitor, and possibly skin grafts to keep clean.
One of her friends has a daughter who is an RN at a local
hospital and she offered to stop by the house to make sure 
I'm doing things right. Thank goodness.

Most of yesterday was spent watching the reports of the
horror in Newtown, Connecticut.
Nowhere is safe.