Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haiku... on a roll

Camera captures one
image. We were there. We know
the complete story.

morning glory and
moonflower bloom once each day.
short, glorious life.

Is it who I am
and what I want to be that
struggle in my soul?

Life as it is, if
we open our eyes and hearts,
is already good.

the jasmine perfume,
mixed with honeysuckle, tell
us that Spring is here.

One day without the
sun's beams does not mean the world
stays forever gray.

Green leaves bouncing on
top of the breeze are laughing
like children at play.

The elegant white
heron hurries nowhere. He
glides and struts a waltz.

Blue sky and ocean
sparkle like your eyes. I am
held and happy there.

quiet night reminds
me how far away you are.
Sweet dreams bring you back.


Gia's Spot said...

Wonderful marathon, Jean!

Anonymous said...

funny girl
geez, spread them out some...

darkfoam said...

wow, you were on a roll. i like haiku.

Jean said...

Foam, if it weren't for Sparrow, I may have never tried haiku. I am a bit addicted.