Friday, May 16, 2014

Trust no one completely...

She got her chemo this week, even though her platelet count
was lower than last week.

I asked everyone within arm's reach "Why this week and not
last week?". Reasons given were conflicting and lame-sounding
which only succeeded in upping my frustration and anger levels
until... the oncologist's RN/PA came by, smiling and crowing
about how wonderfully well Carol is doing, then saying last week
was a "communication error". Seems the oncologist (who has not
made an appearance in weeks) forgot about the discussion that
set the acceptable platelet range (wouldn't there be notes in the
patient's file and wouldn't that info go to the chemo lab?).
My tongue is still sore from biting it to keep myself from ranting.

All I can do is be more vigilant.
If I had been there last week I might have been able to jog some

You see, Carol never argues with or questions authority. Ever.
She'll argue with me because I'm only her sister and have no 
authority. All those people who are trained to do what they do
cannot possibly ever make any kind of mistake, therefore they
should never be questioned only followed blindly like a brain-
dead lemming and when I ask questions I embarrass her.
Even when it turns out that I'm right.
When will I learn that I can't fix stupid?
Yes, I'm angry with her, too. She takes no responsibility for
herself, expecting everyone... oh, nevermind. I'm tired.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


you can never relax.

Carol was supposed to have chemo yesterday. Platelet count
64,000 (within the range they said was ok)... and the doctor
said "Nope. Come back next week and we'll try again."
Nothing else changed so I'm confused. And frustrated.
I try not to worry too much.

Maybe it's time to go shopping.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

It must be Spring 'cuz the dandelions are blooming...

Sister's platelet count continues to fluctuate from
61,000 to 73,000. After eleven treatments of Kadcyla,
the medical folks have determined that as long as the
platelets stay within this range, she's ok to continue
with the reduced dose every three weeks. So far, she has
no other side-effects (yay!) but we still need to watch for
unusual bruising and/or bleeding.

Church activities are keeping her active. Lent was a busy
schedule of baking and cooking and attending mass.
Easter was siblings, stuffed cabbage, ham and baseball.
Now the church folks are getting ready for their annual yard sale.

Weather last week was beautiful but this week is rainy,
although nothing severe like so many other places.
The first yard mowing will happen soon and when it's 
nice enough long enough, we'll be getting the house painted.

Look at that... a post with no complaints.

Well, except for the Indians and their painful beginning season.
Ah, well. Life ain't perfect, is it?