Friday, June 24, 2011

Too soon to panic...

I got word earlier this week that another
action was taken because of the drop in
work orders.
The remaining crew has been cut back to
a four day work week.

I'm not panicking because they had to go
through the same thing last summer.
A large portion of this company's customers
are in Europe. If you are familiar with some
of the European work customs, you know
that many businesses close for a month or
two in the summer and everyone goes on
"holiday". That, of course, affects any other
business that they deal with anywhere.

By August of last year, my employer had everyone
working full-time again and needed to hire a
few additional people. Enter myself and five others.

I believe (and am hoping) that this pattern will repeat
this year. No guarantees, of course.

I'm still looking at other jobs but there really isn't
much difference in the job market now than what it
was in 2009 and 2010. At least not in Central Florida.

Sorry if I'm boring ya'll. Even though I'm not really
wallowing in some deep emotional pit, I'm not
exactly doing a happy dance, either. Been contemplating
all my options.

In better news... I've been invited to dinner with friends
tomorrow to a new (to me) restaurant.
If I remember to take the camera, perhaps there will
be some worthwhile photos.

My brain just isn't right for creativity at the moment.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

fitting and proper...

Appropriately enough, we were surrounded
by black clouds all weekend.

Except for the mornings, there was almost constant rain, thunder and lightning.

Even tornado warnings.

I chose to stay inside all weekend.
Picked up a six-pack of Corona on my way
to the motel Friday. Drank three. Got drunk.
Saturday, got drunk on the remaining three
and had pizza delivered.

My toes never touched sand.
Took over one hundred photos from the balcony.

I'm better now. Life goes on.

Friday, June 17, 2011

deja vu SUCKS...

I got laid off today with three others.

They said they will call us all back as soon
as work picks up again. No idea when.

In the previous post, I mentioned that I
was going to spend the weekend at the beach.
Fuck it. I'm still doing it. I deserve something good.
Besides, you have to cancel at least 24 hours ahead
or get charged for one day.

So, I will be incommunicado until Sunday.

Hope your day was better than mine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please don't let this be another summer of fires like 1998...

It was 99 degrees today with 80% humidity, and we
never saw the sun. It was masked by the smoke from
the fires in the area.

Arizona is much worse but, it looks like we may be
playing catch-up pretty soon.

Our summer of 1998 was the worst. The entire state
was on fire.
I had to evacuate my house with four
cats and a dog. The flames got within four blocks.
When I got home again, the roof and the yard were
covered in ashes. We had firefighters from every state
plus Mexico and Canada helping with control efforts.
Bless them all.

The fires this year actually started in Feb./March.
Rain has been almost non-existent and when there is
any, it usually brings lightning which starts more fires.
Today they evacuated some homes in an area no more
than five miles from me and another area about ten
miles away. Last count was 48 fires in this county and
nearly two dozen in the county north of here.
Plus hundreds of others scattered throughout the state.
Yesterday, governor what's-his-name declared a state
of emergency because of the increase in the fires.

I booked a room at the beach for this weekend... before
this got so bad. Oh, well. They have cable. At least I can
keep up on the news.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

happy girl...

Let's see what kind of haiku you can come
up with for this drawing...
in comments.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

lost and found...

This message applies to so many people in my life.
Sometimes it makes me sad.
Then I think that I should be grateful
that those people are still in my life
at all.

I found this little plate in some
junk store or antique shop
long forgotten.

Who do you think of when you read the verse?