Friday, February 22, 2013

ice, ice baby...

I think, maybe, sorta, that I'd rather have some
snow on the ground than the ice we woke to this
morning. (Here's hoping I didn't just jinx myself.)

At least you can see where the snow is. Ice is like
being blind. Took three attempts to get the car up
the driveway when we got back from the grocery. Yikes.
Even though it seems to be melting now, I still tossed
salt on the driveway and sidewalk 'cause I'm pretty
sure it will only get colder as the day moves into night.
Yesterday the icicles were melting while snow fell.
Ohio weather is schizophrenic.

Carol started her radiation treatments last Tuesday.
This afternoon will be treatment #18. They're zapping
her twice a day, five days a week.
She's handling it very well. Only a bit of itching across
the scar but otherwise, no redness, no swelling, no
drain on her energy. I rarely go with her since all I can
do is read the magazines in the waiting area. I make sure
dinner is ready when she gets home. The girl can eat.
And does.

I miss my life.
I miss Sparky.
I miss privacy.
I miss freedom.

Have I mentioned that I still have mood swings?

Monday, February 04, 2013

It's never going to stop, is it?...

Snow still falling.
No end in sight.

I lucked out the other day because one of
the neighbors cleared the driveway with his
snow blower. All I had to do was the sidewalk
and front stoop and steps, then toss about
35 lbs of rock salt on everything.
But it's been non-stop again today so I bought
more salt to fling before the snow builds up again.

(That isn't my sister's yard. Her house is on a mini
hill that adds to the treacherousness.)

It will be another week or more before she gets
her radiation schedule. They took measurements
to make blocks/molds to hold her in place during
treatments. Much thumb twiddling until those are done.

Maybe I'll make a big batch of cookies for the neighbor
with the snow plow.