Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's easy to forget...

I've been whining a lot lately.

I still don't have insurance because Medicaid has been dragging
its' ass since May. That means I've had to pay 100% out of pocket
for all my diabetes meds and supplies. I can't afford to do that
much longer. Medicaid doesn't care.
Plus, I owe about $40,000 in hospital and doctor bills.
Medicaid doesn't care about that, either. 

 Oh, and... the quack I was assigned to in the hospital is a moron.

The second reason I wish Medicaid would hurry the fuck up is
so I can find a new doctor with at least half a functioning brain.

Then, the other day, I got slapped upside the head, figuratively
speaking; A friend I've known for nearly 40 years was recently
diagnosed with brain, lung and bone cancer. Stage 4. 
Someone emailed a photo of him. I would not have
recognized him if I hadn't been told who it was. 
He looks like a Nazi death camp survivor. Skin over skeleton.

It breaks my heart. And it makes me ashamed of myself.

Life is short and time is so easily wasted.