Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Global Warming Test...

Makes sense to me.

Go here.

h/t to Jimbo at the Parkway.


J Cosmo Newbery said...


the walking man said...

Wow I am smart I got them all correct.

You know it's not that we are going to experience another Ice Age, that is inevitable, it is that we are hastening it and when the seas rise by as little as 6 inches there is coastal devastation everywhere. when the oceans temps rise in by as little as degree hurricanes can become ten times as potent.

Jean said...

I realize that we pollute and damage the planet shamefully. We are callous inhabitants. I also believe that much of the info relating to our weather and doom is exaggerated.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

In many ways people are focusing on 'global warming' (Haha, look it's snowing!). Climate change is a better descriptor. The trouble is that by the time it is bad enough for even the most hardened denier to admit it is happening, it will be long past the point where we can do anything about it. Quite possibly already is.

Related and overlooked are the drivers underneath. The population doubles ever 30 years ±. 30 years and a population of 18 billion? 72 billion by the end of the century? We are a giant popcorn machine that has filled its bowl but has no tray to overflow onto.

Speaking of bowls - food bowls. As population grows so will the need for food. And power. And land. And water.

Jean said...

Apparently, J Cosmo, you are not the only one suspicious of the test, as evidenced by a commenter at Jimbo's.

I appreciate your info. Knowing your background, your opinion is one to respect. Seems that mankind is its own worst enemy. Again. Still.