Tuesday, March 23, 2010

be gone such doubt that
blinds the old eyes from seeing
the young day dawning.


the walking man said...

Only the owner of said eye can see the young when the old tries to cloud it out.

Jean said...

Mark, I think there is room for doubt as long as it opens the eyes and not blinds.

boneman said...

never doubt yourself
even if you're wrong as rain
in the desert plain.

Be true to the You,
the Spirit within your life,
and enjoy the day.

boneman said...

or at least, the wine
whether dry or a bit sweet,
comes from the same vine.

Jean said...

Berry, the days are still rough at times but, I'm doing better.
Thank you for starting today with a smile this morning ♥

Jenny said...


Jean said...

Welcome, AB, and thank you!