Sunday, September 26, 2010

heads up...

the day
is running away
so much more to say
mixed with
more to do.
we say it never ends
but it does.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a difference a year makes...

A year ago I was in Ohio for my 40-year high school reunion.
Unemployed but not too worried, yet.

I moved away from there 36 years ago.
Everyone's lives took their own paths. Some good, some not so.
I spent a lot of time wondering what my life would have been
if I had not moved away. Or, at least, not moved to Florida.
I have to keep reminding myself that there is no answer to
that question. Wondering is a waste of time.

Living in the present can be a challenge for me. The future
is such an unknown no matter how carefully plans are made.
'What ifs' eat up time better spent on now. Today.
It's too easy to miss what is good around one at the moment.
That time doesn't come back, either.

The best thing that happened to me that weekend had nothing
to do with the past. It was getting to meet Berry in person.
We've enjoyed every day since, even if all but nine of those
days have been apart.

Sometimes, life gets better if you let it.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Paws for Patriots...

One of my favorite blog reads is Boudicca's Voice.

Tonight she linked to Southeastern Guide Dogs
here in Florida.
They have a program that provides seeing eye/guide dogs
to our Veterans who have suffered service related vision loss.
Seems our government does not provide that for our
veterans. The program is Paws for Patriots.
This program, as all their programs, is completely free to
those in need. They are completely funded by donations
and volunteers.

Check the video at Bou's blog, then see if you might help
this supremely worthwhile organization in some way.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


What is going on with blogger this weekend?

Been trying to post pics here and on the
sidebar and after waiting for half an hour
they will not load. Sheesh!

This makes Jean grouchy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Duty report...

First, let me THANK everyone for all the
congratulations and WooHoos when I
announced finally getting a job.
Ya'll rock.

Two and a half days into the working world
and I am pooped. Stressed right-the-hell-out.

When I worked for this company many, many
years ago, I was in Test and Inspection. This
time I am part of Building and Assembly, so
it's something I've never done for them before.

The work is tiny, detailed and exacting. Again,
it is done working under a microscope and with
tweezers. They build electronic detectors. Little
gizmos that activate store door openers, garage door
openers and some military thingies like heat seeking
missiles. I can't offer more specifics or they will
have to shoot me for revealing secrets.


What I'm learning to do is place a 1/4" tinted and
coated square glass filter inside a round metal cap about
1/8" wider than the filter. The filter needs to be centered
over a square hole that is very slightly smaller than the
Then I have to reach back into the cap and apply
a drop of liquid silver conductor to opposite sides of
the filter, without moving the filter out of place.
That requires using the opposite end of the tweezers that
has a hair-thin wire attached to it for applying the silver.

I do all that while I am holding the cap steady on a table
with another pair of tweezers in my left hand.
Under a microscope.

I've never had finger cramps before. ow ow ow.

What I do is only one of several steps required to build
one of I don't know how many different products.

At the end of the first day, I thought my eyeballs might explode.

After the first morning break, I discovered that having a cup
of coffee is a mistake. Holy cow. Seeing all these tiny things
fluttering in a cramped space under the scope adds exponentially
to the stress level. Lesson learned there.

The good part is seeing familiar, friendly faces from many years
ago. Some of these folks have been working there thirty years.
And, a lot of them are younger than me. Of course.
Most of the world is younger than me.

It remains to be seen if the job will ever go to full-time.
Forget permanent. Nothing lasts forever.
I just hope it lasts long enough.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have a job...

maybe temporary.
They called this afternoon.
I start tomorrow morning.
With a company I worked for 21 years ago.

this is a limerick, right?...

There once was a boy from Nantucket
who really wanted to learn how to pluck it.
He tried and he tried
'til the day that he died.
But never did get his tune in a bucket.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It could happen...

If you were me
and I were you
I think I'd be confused.
Your socks would sag
Your pants would drag
Your shoes would be askewed.
I'd sip your wine
instead of mine
Then probably p'tu-it.
There'd be no getting used t'it.
The mix of you
swapped 'round with me
might fail to find the conduit.
Sparks would fly
There'd be a cry
We'd end up glooped 'n puddled.
Best you stay there
and I stay here
evade our being fuddled.
I'd miss the me
and you would you.
Two twains not meant for meeting.
Happystances less than fleeting.
Does make no sense
in trading tents.
Isall discombobulation.
Keep what you've got
and covet not
another's home play station.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I don't understand why so many people think Stephen King's books are all that...

Until very recently, the only book of his that I read
was 'On Writing'. I like reading how writers produce(d)
their craft/art. The mix of autobiography makes it
even more interesting.

However, I've never been a fan of science fiction/horror/
gore/scary shit. Just not my thing in movies or books.

However (again) a few years ago, I came across an expanded
version of 'The Stand' at a discount price and bought it
intending it to be a gift for a friend who was a fan of King.
The friend passed away before I could send the book.

I came across it a couple of weeks ago under a pile of... stuff.
So, I thought why not read it and see what all the hoopla
is about. This edition is 400 pages longer than the original.
Well, what the heck. I don't exactly have a busy schedule
at the moment, ya know.

Basic premise: gov't researchers have an accident with a
super deadly strain of what they call the flu and it is so
contagious that it kills ninety per cent of the population
in the United States in about two weeks. Very ugly.
The rest of the story is about how those remaining are
gathering together to survive and rebuild a civilization.

Because of dreams everyone is having, the good guys
(mostly) end up in Boulder, Colorado and the bad guys
(mostly) end up in Las Vegas. Good vs Evil at war.

Since so few people are left alive they have plenty of
food, vehicles, gas, camping supplies, etc. to rebuild with.
And, lots of empty buildings. Well, empty after they clear
out all the rotting corpses.

Mr. King infuses the language in the dialogue with slang
that comes across as awkward and juvenile. He mentioned
I-95 in an area that made me flip back several pages to make
sure the characters hadn't slipped back to the east coast but,
no, he moved it to somewhere out west. Careless, that.
One of the worst things that really almost made me put the
book down was in the last quarter or so. He described several of
the male characters, in several different scenes as "he made
wee wee in his pants." What the hell??? Immature humor?
Oh, yeah... there is a major nuclear explosion in Las Vegas and
never a concern mentioned about fall-out adding to the survival

I don't think Mr. King has any interest in making his readers
think. He seems to aim for light entertainment even though
the subject matter is grisly and serious.
I also think that he writes with the intention of every book
being made into a movie, which of course most have been.

This version also included several black ink illustrations
which added to the impression that I was reading a very big
comic book. Really. It felt like a comic book story.

What have I missed? Did I expect too much from a very
popular author? Am I being a snob?

I'm glad I read it only because I can put away any thoughts
of ever reading any of his other books. I had the unfortunate
experience of seeing a few of his early movies. Yuck.

I'd like to hear what you think. Fill up the comment box.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

love, trust, live...

working from pain
building walls of defense
succeeds only in
existing isolated in pain.

Thursday, September 02, 2010