Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doom does Haiku... (update)

Wowwza!... Doom said my haiku WON.
I'll figure out something for the next contest and post it Friday.


I haven't written haiku in a long time.
Doom heads up the contest for Monday
and has set interesting parameters.
Go here to read what he asks for.

His topic is: "The Beast Within"
my entry...

the beast
is self,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The worst is over (knock on wood)...

Radiation treatments were completed Wednesday. 44 total.
Absolutely no other appointments for the rest 
of the month besides her herceptin infusion
which continues every three weeks.
She has a visit with the oncologist early in April
and I fully expect her to be released for work.

Her trip through all aspects of the process continue
to be amazing, especially considering the prognosis
handed down last March immediately after diagnosis.

I'm not needed much anymore, except for monitoring
finances. Her understanding is limited.

It's time to evaluate myself and my direction.

Friday, March 08, 2013


at 'The Hammock Papers' ...

"Being right all the time acquires a huge importance
in education, and there is this terror of being wrong.
The ego is so tied to being right that later on in life you
are reluctant to accept that you are ever wrong, because
you are defending not the idea but your self-esteem.
This terror of being wrong means that people have
enormous difficulties in changing ideas."

-Edward De Bono