Saturday, June 01, 2019

Persistent Premonitions...

For weeks, I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.
It did, but could have been worse.

A couple weeks ago Carol went to church to help the ladies make
stuffed cabbage. About noon she called me... from the E.R.
She fainted and they called 911. I headed to the hospital.

They claimed x-rays showed results "were suspicious
for pneumonia". More tests, bloodwork and eight hours
waiting for a room, and they decided her hemoglobin had
dropped enough to cause the fainting. 

More tests. More bloodwork. More tests. More bloodwork.

Slightly anemic, malnurished (started losing weight during Lent)
and a referral to a G.I. doctor to check her liver (even though
they did a scan with no signs of cirrhosis or fatty liver.) 
Although chemo can take a toll on one's liver and she's been
taking a variety of those drugs for most of the last seven years
with no end in sight.
On the fourth day they discharged her.

She went for her Herceptin treatment this week and I asked
them to do bloodwork and everything checked out well.
Her weight has stabilized because she's eating as she should be.
Energy level is good again.
I hope the G.I. guy finds nothing to be concerned about.

Why don't I have an ulcer from worrying?
Must be all the garlic we Hungarians eat.