Friday, June 29, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let Me Guess...

If I asked,
would you tell me
how we ended up
this way?

If I asked,
would you say
it isn't you,
it's me?

If I asked,
would you tell me
life's just too much
right now?

If I asked,
would you say
it was fun while
it lasted?

If I asked,
would you tell me
I'm gonna miss you when
I'm gone?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Always questions...

tears are here again.
questions never end.
how do I know?
how will I know?
questions never end.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


it's what blogging is about, right?

...this one will break your heart...
this one will bring a smile from fond memories.

...these two will delight you with beautiful photos and more.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Know what I mean, ladies?...

In his arms.
Back muscles arching.
You toward him.
Hot magnet tingle.
Yeah. Like that.
I love that.
Don't you?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007


"You're amazing."

"I'm old."

"If you're old, I wanna be old."

"It's dark and you're drunk.
Tell me the same thing tomorrow- in daylight,
while your head still hurts."

Be afraid...

"You and I have a lot in common."

"We're both breathing and we work here."

"Well, that's a start..."

"Work here a bit longer. You might find that more
frightening than comforting."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, not quite, but it's close. Dammit.

Flu?.... hellifIknow.
Too miserable to care.

I'll be back when I'm convinced I'm going to live.

Go do something fun... for me. Please.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Notebook Fragments...

Nothing whole to post since Tuesday... yawn.

Thumbing through my notebook, I find dozens of scraps...
pieces of thoughts. All seem to be begging to attach to more.

More what? I dunno, yet, but I thought that if I make a list
here, in this format... the muse might see it and slap me
upside the head with something useful. Witty. Somber. Anything.
A kind of public pondering, if you will.

Don't expect everything to make sense to you.
It will not be in any special order. Don't be scared...
for that matter, feel free to ignore this post if it bores you.

1 ~ Ass and apendages flailing every which way. ( the ass alone requiring
a wide-angle lens for viewing).

2 ~ a convenience store for sex, "Blow 'n Go" or "Quickie-Mart".

3 ~ Fear scares me.

4 ~ Do not post while inebriated. I cannot write when I am drunk.

5 ~ It takes a dream to move a life, focus, inner vision.

6 ~ Several lives. The people here don't know the people there.

7 ~ It's been a good day. And, I'd say tomorrow has promise too.

8 ~ Bats in belfry. Mad as a hatter. Skeletons in closet.

9 ~ Alone at night.

10~ If you think you have to hurt someone to make yourself
feel better, don't pick someone who's been good to you.

11~ Train in the distance... should I be there? Walk away?
Plane landing... should I be there? Anywhere but here, now?

12~ No such thing as always.

13~ I am older than so many. Younger, but a few.

14~ You don't have to go home but, you cannot stay here.

15~ It's cute but, it's not a hoot.

16~ Even sweet dreams do bring tears. Bittersweet chocolate.

17~ It isn't good or bad. It just is.

18~ Man-slut.

19~ Make me want you.

20~ Is there ever a next time?

21~ If it were up to me...

22~ Eclipse-overlap-block-hide.

23~ Nothing is free. Are you willing to pay?

24~ You complete me? Nah.
But, you definitely enhance my life.

25~ A conversation, or a repeating series of brain farts?

26~ Enjoying myself enjoying you.

27~ The inconsequential man.

28~ Once upon a time, in a land close by...

29~ heh... I made ya say "please".

30~ It's quick, easy and bad for me. Sometimes I really want
something that is bad for me. Is that bad? I don't think so.

31~ My wall is higher than your wall.

32~ Miss me now or miss me later.

33~ I am not you but I am like you.

34~ After all the wanting and waiting, what if I don't like it?

35~ Music: saves me, hurts me, heals me.

36~ Just in case you don't remember: I love you.

37~ Kids think time lasts forever. The rest of us know
that isn't true.

38~ I think it's easy to "over-explain". I do that a lot when
I'm talking. I try hard not to when I'm writing.

39~ I should've known I wouldn't belong here.

40~ Don't ask. Don't care. Don't matter.

41~ Life quilt...

42~ Don't tell me what I want to hear, unless it's true.

43~ Empty words are worse than no words.

44~ Not smart. Just easily amused.

45~ Twice in twenty years...

46~ What's left is to believe what you know.

47~ Do you miss a pain when it stops? Why miss him (her)?

48~ Didn't need to escape "to", only needed to escape "from".

49~ One could be sprawled, ever so un-ladylike.

50~ Do not pine to be someone else...

51~ Offering candy to my baby.

52~ Things that make my blonde head hurt...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

the visit was a surprise...

and it would be short.

Any leave from the war was hard to get approved.
Even for him.

She trusted him completely, so when he smiled and
ordered, "Close your eyes", she did not hesitate to
smile back and obey.

He held her hand and kissed it while he drove.
His touch was warm. She let his voice surround her,
memorizing every note and inflection to be remembered
in his letters. No thought of where they were, only of him,
there with her.

He stopped the car and turned it off.

Only quiet sounds of a breeze rustling leaves, a distant
bird or two and... was that running water?

He helped her out of the car, her eyes still closed, took both
her hands in his. Both laughing now, he walked backwards
as he led her carefully along a cushioned path.

Speckled sunlight tried to tease her eyes open, but she
successfully resisted. She concentrated hard instead on the
sounds and smells that might proffer clues to their destination.

His boot-steps were firm and evenly paced.
Confident and pleased.
When he stopped, he led her two steps forward closer to him.
He released her hands and drew her face to his.

Wrapping her arms around his back, feeling the contours
of his shoulders, she returned his breathless kiss.

Sighing, he said, "Now you can look."
She saw his face first, his eyes crinkled in a smile.
With a light laugh he said, "Not me, silly. Look there!"

Her eyes followed his nod. Deja-vu made her gasp,
"Oh my! How did you find it?"

"As soon as you told me about your dream," he said,
"I knew exactly where it was. I came here once, alone,
before I ever knew you."

His arm around her shoulders, they leaned against the metal
railing. The view was magnificent; a large, sparkling creek
below burbling over rocks. Lush, heavy boughs close above
keeping the two of them in cooling shade.

His duffle was keeping the wine cool beside the spot where
they would make love.