Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What to say, what to say?...

As much as I love baseball, the season is coming to an end
and I'm almost glad. The Indians had chances to move ahead
but blew too many to finish more than .500 for the season. Sad.

Carol is doing well, still getting chemo every three weeks. Platelet
count is climbing...192,000 yesterday. Unfortunately, she hurt
her back about two weeks ago and that has put her out of 
commission for the most part. Will start physical therapy Oct. 7.
I am her chief cook, bottle washer and driver for now.

I'm handling the insulin quite well. Beginning to understand 
cause and effect of food vs meds. Still need to lose more weight
and that is the most frustrating part right now. Of course, if I
did something a little more strenuous than laundry and dusting...

I will say the weather has been fabuloso...until the rain started.
But, that won't last forever, either.

Hope alla y'all are doing well.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September oneth...

the grass is
not because summer ends
but because it
won't easily let go
and thus 
sucks the green
from every blade.