Monday, October 18, 2021

if only...

If I were ever able to have cats again,
the male would be named Henry and
the female would be Petunia.
It can't happen for a lot of reasons, but
that's OK. I've had many cats over the years.
There was Hershey, Squeaky, Fishbait,
Max and Mandy, Patch, Felix, Pissy and Bubba.

And I miss all the dogs I had, too.
Just feeling silly-nostalgic lately.
Perhaps that's what old people do when they keep getting older.
Remembering silly little things from the past.

Friday, October 01, 2021

Hello October...


For me, it isn't just about leaves changing colors.
It's also about curling up under a warm blanket
on a chilly night and enjoying a good book.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Stop being stupid about covid...

" This disease is not the sniffles. It is not the nothing many of you claim. It affects real people, often in dangerous ways. Statistics overwhelmingly show the vast majority of the illness is among the unvaccinated. "

This is a small segment of a post by my blog friend, Joe.

It's about his 2 year-old granddaughter  who is in the hospital
with Covid. 

I'd like you to go there and read the entire post.
You are welcome to leave comments here but the comments
better not be negative in any way regarding him or
any part of his post.  If so, your comment will be deleted.