Friday, March 19, 2010

Census reflection...

Not only did Elisson win the last Haiku Challenge, he
has unknowingly provided me with blog fodder.

How wise is our government to provide us with a warning...
er, advance notice... to expect the census form in the mail.
What a clever way to spend tax dollars in double labor, paper,
ink, postage. I also took it as a way to insult my intelligence
but perhaps I'm being too sensitive.

Anyway, Elisson's post caused me to ponder what I was doing
when all those other censuses were happening...

1960- nine years old, living with parents and three siblings in
Uniontown, Ohio. The last sibling wasn't born until 1964, a
year or two after we moved to a farm in Portage County.

1970- Student at the University of Akron, majoring in nursing.
Soon to change major to education.

1980- Living in Florida for six years. Married for two years.
Working a shit job that lasted nine years.

1990- Still in Florida, still married. Working for the local
Safety Council.

2000- Still in Florida, widow for three years. Five years, at
this point, welding under a microscope.

2010- Still in Florida but unemployed for the last 15 months.
New love in my life and attempting to start my own business.
Contemplating relocation.

That would be my Reader's Digest condensed version.
May we all be around to blog, in much more detail, the
happenings that take us to 2020.

What was going on in your life?


the walking man said...

1960-Detroit 6 yrs old
1970-Detroit 16 years old planning my escape
1980-Detroit ex wife planning her escape
1990-Detroit working two jobs and making some decent money
2000-forced into retirement medically
2010-Still retired living on 1/4 of the income I had ten years ago and finally at peace with the past 55 years.

Jean said...

kudos to you, Mark!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

That topic defies summary in a blog comment!

Jean said...

Mr. Newbery, nothing is beyond you.

Froth said...

1960-8 years old and lip synching to old lps'

1970-freshman at the Univ. of Washington continuing to observe until I was sprung

1980-Chicago working and having met my husband beginning on the journey

1990-moved to Houston area with hub, two kids, mom just died

2000-started my current job and two years away from breast cancer

2010-7 years out from bc, kids employed and out of the house, hub semi-retired and 6 years out from pc and just filled out the census form with some shit I made up

Jean said...

Thanks for that, Kim. I didn't lie on my census form, unless it is a lie if one leaves a few questions blank. (my phone number?????)