Friday, July 30, 2010

please rain...

far away,
moving farther.
taking rest, relief,
with it,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's so hot the weeds are wilting...

Oppressive, brutal, airless, humid, stifling, suffocating.
No relief, even at night.
Can August possibly be as bad or worse?

I've survived many summers without air conditioning
but I do not remember any this bad.

I put ice cubes in Sparky's water bowl.
I drink ice water by the gallon.

Chunks of cold watermelon is my favorite food.

July has been a horrible month for lots of reasons
but, this heat. is. the. worst.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

et voila...

Got the computer back last night.
Turns out it was harboring two viruses.
Computer fix-it guy said he didn't check for
viruses the first time because what I mentioned
didn't sound like virus issues. Thank you so much.
I thought a virus check was standard.

Anyway, he didn't charge me any more to resolve
the problem so I'll not complain much. Plus, he
added some new virus scanning/checking things.

The job fair on Monday was pitiful.
A discount grocery store looking for ONE cashier
and ONE manager. They did no advertising other than
a poster on the front door of the store and, from the piles of
applications turned in, I am estimating at least
three hundred people applied before I got there.

I can easily say that the big draw was that the
cashier job was advertised as full-time and pays
ten bucks an hour. That's big money in these parts.
I could pay my bills on that.

The attitude of the twenty-something dweeb in a suit
pissed me off, however. A company rep not doing the
company any favors. I don't think he likes his job.

When I turned in my app (they don't take resumes),
he asked me three questions that I'd answered on the
app (simple, one page, two sides). One of the questions
was "Do you have a GED?" I answered "No. Bachelor of Science."
He shot me a sharp look and made a note on a paper
he attached to my application. I commented on the huge
stack of applications already collected. Without looking at me,
he mumbled "yeah, have a nice day."
Does that qualify as summarily dismissed?

I'd say Young Dweeb slept through Personality Class 101, had
someone take the test for him and skipped 102.

I'd been a bit concerned about dressing appropriately since
this was a job fair. From now on, I will not worry.
Approximately twenty other applicants in the room, all but
two or three as young or younger than Young Dweeb.
Most of the females attired in shorts with their butt-cheeks
hanging out, tank tops and no bras. (I really am old, aren't I?)
I could have spent the rest of the day trying to count the multiple
piercings protruding from lips and nostrils. The young males
in attendance were decked out in baggy shorts, tattoos and
their own supplies of metal balls and rings.
Did I mention that no fewer than three of the females were
carrying infants with them?

That was my competition.

I am so hopeful that I decided to continue spending one
or two dollars a week on lottery tickets.
Odds are about the same.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ain't quite right...

Three times so far.
Three times the computer shut down and re-booted.
All by itself.

Taking it back to the repair guy in just a bit.

Seems to be true... it never ends.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Computer seems to be working again...

Reasonably cheap fix even though it took
longer than I had hoped.

Still don't have much to say.

It's too hot.

Job market still sucks but I've continued to submit
applications and resumes. Job fair scheduled for Monday.

Hope everyone is well.
I'll be playing catch-up for a while.