Sunday, October 24, 2010

numb and numb-er...

ain't nuthin' wrong, zactly,
but what I've got in my head
refuses to come together
as anything resembling sense.

my humor is on vacay,
what wisdom might have been here
got buried by the black dog of depression

damn that dog.

rhyme and reason
has been the fuel
for this fool
through many days and seasons.

no more, it seems.
for now, at least.


The weather could not be more perfect and I still have
the job, although it remains part-time.
So, that tells me they are not as busy as they need to be
to give me (and the one other part-timer) six more hours
a week and health insurance.
Although, I've heard that the insurance is so expensive
as to make invisible the raise after ninety days and the
additional hours. Whoopee.
They shut down for the week of Thanksgiving and
two weeks for Christmas which is not a paid benefit
for the part-time employee. Three weeks of zero money.
However, I knew that as a possibility from the get-go,
so I have prepared for it through the wonders of budgeting.
Part-time is still better than no time.

I will survive.

Still... I miss my own poetry.

I'm still reading your blogs but not commenting as much.
Will try to fix that, too.