Saturday, March 20, 2010

dreams that will never
be haunt me in the daylight
break my heart at night


the walking man said...

never is an awful long time honey.

Jean said...

Indeed, Mark, indeed.

kdzu said...

Linger not in past
Tomorrow may never come
There is only now.

The past is gone now
Remember for lessons learned
Not make mistakes twice.

Let me tell you of
My six million dollar mistake
Each day teaches anew

boneman said...

you need more smiles.

boneman said...

all; the smiles that are mine
are yours, too.
Even if you chop them up
just to make a stew.

Jean said...

Larry, you are quite the haiku master. Thank you, friend.

Berry, honey, you make it better.

Percy Bisque Silley said...

It is Quite disgusting how you throw yourself shamelessly at Cosmo's feet and I think your blog should be called Pandering.

Indignantly yours,


Jean said...

Mr. Silley, you are silly.