Tuesday, July 30, 2013

computer go bye-bye...

I shouldn't complain, I guess. Bought it in 2004 for less than $300.

Even when there is a valid reason for change, I still rebel against.
Familiarity breeds comfort. But, isn't that one way abusers keep
their claws in the abused? Shame on me.

We were busy for a while organizing the annual family reunion.
It poured rain the whole day but we rent a nice community
building for the event, so we all stayed dry while sampling a
huge variety of food and visiting with many relatives.
My siblings and I get to run the show again next year and then
hand over the organizing to Uncle Paul's kids for their turn.

No idea how often I'll be back here. I didn't seem to miss blogging
like I thought I might when I was first computer-less.
Perhaps seven years is enough. Perhaps I'll have a brain spark
on occasion.Whatever.

I'm chipping away at my to-do list in my own time, as usual.
Life isn't bad.