Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside...

The blizzard missed us so all is not too terribly bad.
Six inches of snow, minor wind gusts. Pretty ho-hum until
I realized I had to shovel that white stuff off the drive-way
and the front stoop and sidewalk. Sister Ann helped.
We've gone through four bags of salt, so far. I love salt.
It means less shoveling.

Those whacko weather people are already twitching over
the next wave of weather they see that might bring more snow.
Who shovels the whacko weather people's driveways?
They spend all their time on TV screaming at us.

Next Thursday is Carol's surgery. Ann and I will take her and
stay through the evening, at least.
Carol has plans to go out New Year's Eve for dinner and a movie
with some lady friends from her church. I say woo-hoo!

Before all of that, Sunday is Ann's birthday. 
I'm taking her out for dinner and maybe a movie. If'n she wants.
She probably will.

My friend Jan, in Florida, is probably wearing flannel shirts to
stay warm. It's 71 there. *sigh*

Friday, December 21, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Safe where?...

My sister's surgery is scheduled for January 3.
I asked the surgeon how long she'd be in the hospital
and she answered, "Oh, we'll send her home the next day.
We prefer to get the patients out of the hospital ASAP
to reduce the risk of infection."
I asked, "Infection from the hospital?" and she nodded yes.
How sad is that? Hospitals used to be safe places to recover.
They'll be sending her home with drain tubes and bags to
monitor, and possibly skin grafts to keep clean.
One of her friends has a daughter who is an RN at a local
hospital and she offered to stop by the house to make sure 
I'm doing things right. Thank goodness.

Most of yesterday was spent watching the reports of the
horror in Newtown, Connecticut.
Nowhere is safe.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

god has dandruff...

It snowed all day and most of the night.
Fortunately, it didn't stick.

Carol had her last full chemo treatment Tuesday.
She was nauseous most of Thursday night.
Plus, she has a bruise under her left eye and several of
her fingernails are bruised.
In three weeks she gets herceptin (one of the three chemo
drugs from the second mix) by itself, and will continue to
take it intravenously every three weeks from now on.
It is the drug they hope will prevent the cancer from returning.
Next Wednesday she'll have an MRI so the surgeon can
see exactly where the cancer remains.
She has a consult with the surgeon Dec. 4 and I am assuming
they'll tell her then when she'll have surgery.

I gave all of Sparky's food and treats to one of the neighbors.
Well, almost all. I kept one bacon treat and one Pupperoni.
You know, in case he comes back.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

whatta sucky sucky mood I are in...

I deleted my FB page eons ago because it became
the highway for friggin' spammers to find my email
and blog comments. 
Now LinkedIn has turned into a sewage spewer, too.
Enufffffff. That account is gone as of two days ago and
the spamage has already been reduced to tolerable.
Ha! Take that you slimeball scum-magnet societies. Yeah.
There are no USB cords for my camera on this planet.

My sister's platelet count was too low to do her last full
chemo treatment. They'll check it again in a week.

I am not meant to be a roommate.

I still mourn Sparky every day.
I have his leash and blanket and dog food and bacon treats.
Most of it will be donated, eventually.
I really wish I could hug everyone who left comments of
condolence and comfort. It helps. I re-read them almost
every day. Thank you, sweet people.

Today should be better for a while. We three sisters are
having a small birthday celebration for our youngest brother.
Youngest. He's 48 today. Wow.
We're such party-ers... fried chicken and jo-jo's, brownies
and ice cream while we watch the Browns.  I think I have
a few beers in the fridge. No doubt the windows will crack.
I wish baseball was a year round sport.

Sunshine and temps in the 50s through Thanksgiving weekend
is the forecast. Maybe I'll buy a cheap camera and go to the zoo.

Hope your weekend is what you want ♥

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

my Sparky is gone...

Rest in peace baby boy.
Mommy loves you. 

Berry did a beautiful post with more pics.
Go look at 'Time Flies'.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

OK, that was weird...

This morning, as I took Sparky out for his usual ritual,
there was stuff falling from the sky. White, globby stuff
while it was in mid-air but looking like normal raindrops
by the time it reached me, my raincoat and Sparky. WTF?

It is officially the end of the world as I knew it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

over, under, around and through...

it's a tap dance with
no rhythm.
it's a waltz
counting 3-2-1.
no square dance has
four corners.
the tango isn't
done with one.
the two-step is
out of step.
the last dance
will always be
ashes, ashes
we all fall down.
trying doesn't
feel like doing.
even the leaves
don't make sense.
when they dance 
down the street
it sounds like rain.

Monday, October 01, 2012

30 days hath September...

This one felt like 112.

the oncologist is ixnay on another port. Too risky
for another infection. It's looking like the last chemo
treatment will be mid-November.

We met with the surgeon (same one that did the biopsies
back in March). She has Carol scheduled for an MRI
about two weeks after the last chemo treatment. It will help
her determine how much cancer is left and where. We'll
have another consultation with her in early December and
she'll let us know how extensive the surgery will be and when.

There was another consultation with a plastic surgeon last week.
He will attend the surgeon to do the skin grafts.
Basically, Carol will be getting a total mastectomy plus. 
The surgeon will be removing tissue from just below the collar
bone, several inches beneath the breast, a couple inches into
the center of the chest, under the arm (to include lymph glands)
and part way around to her back. We're not talking one incision
to close with stitches. Thus the skin grafts at the time of surgery.

We also met with the radiologist. He said radiation will be
started about four weeks after surgery/when enough healing has
taken place so as not to add to the risk of complications.
He wants to do radiation twice a day, five days a week for five or
six weeks. The oncologist is in favor of that schedule, too.
Although, the radiologist said he would reduce the treatments to
once a day if Carol decides twice is too difficult. But, that would
extend the radiation to at least seven weeks. He also mentioned
that extra care and special procedures will have to be used
in order to avoid radiation involving her heart.

Reconstructive surgery (to build another breast by using muscle
from either her abdomen or her back) is available to her.
That can't happen for at least six months after radiation to allow
for total healing and more testing to make sure the cancer is
gone. Carol said that she'd be just fine with a prosthetic to plop
into the left side of her bra. I applaud that thought. 


Sunday, September 09, 2012

UPDATE: Second blip...


My sister's new port is infected. Looks much like
the first one - bright red area about 8" diameter, 
skin is hot to the touch, several hard lumps can be felt
in the red area. The incision is scabbed even though 
this port was put in on August 1.
I had her call the oncologist yesterday.
The doctor on call ordered a Rx for antibiotics.
I'm going to make her call again tomorrow when
the office opens, just to make sure that her doctor
gets the info.
The first port was just above her elbow. This one is
just under her armpit, so it rubs against her body.
Plus, this one isn't as deep (bulges under the skin) and
makes it even easier to get irritated from rubbing.
I think the second crew that put in this port were careless idiots.

Her next chemo treatment is scheduled for Tuesday.

UPDATE: Her oncologist saw her Monday. Very concerned
about this second infection. She ordered the port to be removed
immediately. Her chemo, on Tuesday and from now on, will be
done via regular IV. After this treatment, she has to go back to
the lab so they can remove the drainage tube from the port area.
(That's a serious amount of infection/pus built up in just a couple days.)
Wednesday she'll get her regular Neulasta shot... after every
treatment to help keep her blood count good. And then she has a
consultation scheduled with a radiologist the same day. Radiation
happens after the surgery which happens when they decide 
chemo has shrunk the tumor masses as much as it can.
Don't know yet when she'll consult with the surgeon. 
There's going to be a massive amount of tissue removed, 
requiring skin grafts after.
Today was a long day. Tomorrow will be even longer.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things change...

but still remain the same.

This is a poor excuse for a blog.
Will it get better? Dunno.

Sister is doing really well.
Her oncologist is sooooooo pleased with the 
results of the second chemo mix that she will
be scheduling more of the same, which will take
her into late September/early October.

I really should try to scrape together some haiku.
You know, just to fill some space here.
I still haven't ordered the USB cord for my camera
so I haven't bothered to take any pictures.

I'm pretty much a dud. Don't count on me for anything.
Hard to believe there are things missed from the past life.

Warm hugs and thanks to those who still check in.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First blip...

The second series of chemo-cocktails is going well.
It's been suspended, however, because of the staph
infection in the tissue around the port.

They administered chemo treatment #2 in chemo series #2
this past Friday and then sent her to radiology to have the
port removed from her arm. Rx antibiotics for ten days.

We went back to the cancer center yesterday so she
could get the follow-up shot that's given after every treatment
(helps keep white blood cell count where it should be).
I told the nurse the port incision was still draining bloody
pus and the area around it is flaming red and hard.

That's when we found out the lab report from the culture 
named the infection as staph. Apparently no one read the report.
So, the oncologist ordered a massive dose of antibiotics to be
administered by IV and was to be monitored for an hour.
Initial Rx (keflex) to be continued 4x day at home.

Stitches are to be removed this Friday and she has a 
follow-up visit with the oncologist next Monday. If the infection
is gone they will schedule when to put in a new port, 
wait for that to heal, and get back to more chemo.

It's been a reminder that everyone involved is human/not perfect.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday, July 06, 2012

I have ugly underwear...

In Florida
I didn't care.
It was easy to go bare.
In Ohio
there's something there
So now I have
ugly underwear.

(not grannies but still, ew.)


It's a challenge to live with anyone.
Shared genetics notwithstanding,
cohabiting is an even bigger challenge
when the differences are freakishly huge.
Most sayeth patience is a virtue but virtues
can be worn dangerously thin.
We know that balance requires give and take.
Something seems illogical when the give is
bigger than the take.

Step back. Breathe deep. Re-evaluate perception.


I have some photos I was planning to insert just
to break up the monotony here, but... the USB cord
is cracked. Dammit. Not available in stores. Online only.
I haven't been online for much lately so, when I get some
of that groove back, I'll order the cord and probably
discover that I don't like any of the photos. heh.

Hope everyone is well and happy.
Work hard on the happy.
And life goes on.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

petty me...

broken cup
is not important.
use the super-glue
to fix her
angel's broken wing.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

It's June...

and I'm sitting here in sweatpants and a jacket.
And smiling at the weather here as I think of what I'd 
be complaining about in Florida.

Well, the mad dash of getting moved and settled has
finally slowed to a reasonable pace. I have a new bank
and a new driver's license, so I think that makes me an
official Buckeye again. Still acclimating, though. 
For example, I have to make notes to find my way around
on my own. One of my favorite sayings is "Not all who
wander are lost." heh. Not so true for me right now.
Things changed and the memos to me got lost.

I don't know what to predict about my blogging.
My old routine, such as it was, has been scrambled and
scattered. Inspiration is pitifully missing. I guess I'll
go with the 'one day at a time' concept and see what happens.

My sister is continuing to do well. Even her oncologist is
amazed. She finished her first series of chemo yesterday with
minimal side effects. She will, however, begin a second series
of chemo with different drugs in a few weeks.  They are trying
to reduce the cancer as much as possible before doing surgery.
We're all hoping, of course, that the results will continue to be good.
Many thanks to all of you who are sending good thoughts and 

Unfortunately, I found bad news in the blogosphere. 
One of my long-time readers has passed away.
Unk lost his struggle with cancer. He will be missed.

It seems life comes with only one guarantee.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Not the same...

the clouds
are different here.
lower. thicker. heavier.
except when there are none.

the sirens
are quieter here.
fewer. farther away.
although, the local news
would not agree.

the air
is lighter here.
sweet. crisp.
in a town that 
used to smell of
melted rubber.

she is
stronger than I expected.
blind faith. pain free.
I'll worry for her.

tonight I
saw one huge star

and three fireflies.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

is this thing still on?...

holy cow.

Ain't nuthin' simple ? (No)

Tech guy was just here and is hoping all is fixed.
If we stay online long enough, I'll be back with a
real post.

Hope everyone is well.
I am LOVING this weather!

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's time...

I'm not looking back with regret.
I will bring the good memories with me.
Much of what's ahead is unknown, but
that's true for every life.

Berry's help in this transition is amazing.
Please keep my sister and family in
your thoughts and prayers.

Be well, my friends. Love life.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

remember Bane's daughter Maiden?...

She recently started a new blog - Dog Spit and Doll Hair  -
enjoying life and sharing her blessings. Go say Hi.

I managed to leave a comment for her the other day...
today blooger says no way. Dammit! 

(I'll try to be back one more time before I unplug the computer.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dumpster gone, on to the next step...

I could've done better but it's time to move on.
Got a stack of boxes waiting to be filled.

If I keep on schedule, we'll be heading north in eight days.

My sister had her second chemo treatment last Friday.
She said her hair is falling out in clumps so she's planning
to shave her head and start wearing a wig or hats. Still in 
good spirits, she is. No other side effects  so far.

Originally, her oncologist planned four treatments. She has
now adjusted that to six, possibly eight. Reason being that
she believes the cancer has been there several years and 
considers my sister between stages three and four.
She is encouraged, however, in that the mass has shrunk
since the first treatment and blood tests are good. 

Did I just read that the northeast is expecting snow soon?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That was then, this is now...

Dad would've been 89 today.

Sparky was 4 last month. I was 61 last month.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wherein my brain spins scenarios galore...

"You and your dog have to go!"
"This is MY house!"
"You can't tell me what to do!"...etc.

Of course, I come back with scathing replies.
(That I will not repeat here.)

Anger saturates the air. In my head, anyway.
How can I even think angry thoughts about my sister?
Anger oftentimes comes from fear, doesn't it?

And, I am afraid.

Afraid that I won't do enough.
Afraid that I'll make terrible mistakes.
Afraid that I won't do what I'm supposed to do.
Afraid that fear becomes anger and I cause pain.

She is a simple girl. Life has been rough and
some of those rough times were her fault, even though
she won't admit that.
She is also sensitive and very proud. She needs my help
and that's why I'm going and she seems glad.

Tonight she said "I signed a power of attorney form and
I put your name and (brother's) name on it. You know,
in case I get sick and can't write checks myself for a while.
Just in case."

I had to hold my breath a long time until I could swallow
the sob in my throat.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Not much new but I'll blather a bit anyway...

Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me.

This Friday the 13th I had a long lunch and visit
with my good friend, Jan. You might remember her
from the Blue Spring visit and photos (oh, and the bear,
which has made return visits recently). I'm going to
miss her a lot when I move. The good news is that she
is from Ohio, too, and visits family there periodically
so we can still visit in person on top of keeping in touch
via phone and email. Yay!

After our visit I realized I was very close to a big-box
pet store, so I stopped in and picked up a harness and
new leash for the Sparkster. Primarily for keeping a grip
on him when we make pit stops on the drive to Ohio.
I have yet to wrestle him into the harness but that will
happen soon so we can practice walking on a leash. Yeah.
I've spoiled him by letting him have the run of the fenced
yard here all these years and have neglected leash time.
BUT...getting the harness and leash is another item I was
able to check off my things-to-do-before-moving list. Yay!

Then, I decided to stop at my auto mechanic's shop and
ask some auto mechanic type questions re: my 15 year old car.
It's had some tranny issues forever but driving in flat Florida
made those issues not much of a worry. Now, though, possibly
driving it 1000 miles north over some mountains and hills had
me very concerned. After discussion and inspection he concluded
that the drive would be very risky. An option would be to tow
the Blazer behind Berry's truck but Akron is hilly so how long
would it last anyway? I decided to sell my Blazer. Mechanic
offered to buy it. It will be enough to almost fund the move. Yay!
(Sister has a car she said we can share.)
And another item checked off the list.

I'm still tossing crap into the dumpster although not much
of that happened today because I was busy getting other things
done. I want to finish with the dumpster and have it removed
next week. Then I can start serious packing.
When Berry gets here (approximately) April 30, I'll take the
Blazer to the mechanic and get the deal done at the tag & title
office. Then, we start packing the truck and hit the road
May 1 or 2.

Still have to schedule cancelling utilities and 'net here, do a
change of address for for the post office and research
pet-friendly motels. I have a small storage unit reserved.
I'll need to change banks, get an Ohio drivers license, find
an inter net provider, get a library card so I can use their
computers in the meantime...
and so forth.

My sister is still feeling well. No side effects from chemo
treatment #1. Her second chemo treatment is next Friday.
She's scheduled for four, three weeks apart, and then surgery
sometime after chemo treatment #4. Then radiation.
Gonna be a long process but, she and all her family and
friends continue to have hope.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

oh my aching back...

I need a sit-down project for Monday morning.

Gonna pack up my movie collection.

After I gather up the other 100+ from the living room.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

ixnay on the one week dumpster fill...

Good grief.

Making progress slowly.

Florida would pick this week to heat up
to the high 80s. gah.

Sorry about the lack of anything worthwhile here.
Maybe in a few days. Maybe.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Sweaty reality...

Wonder how long it will take me to fill it?
A week? Two? Three?

Ice water and aspirin will be consumed.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"You can't keep a good Hunky down"...

I called my sister last night to see how she was doing after
the first chemo treatment (so far, so good) and she said our
Uncle Kenny was there. He asked to talk to me and the first
thing he said was, "How ya doin', kiddo?" and instantly I
flashed back umpteen years and I could see his wonderful
smile and the constant twinkle in his eyes. It also dawned
on me that I use that same greeting...because of him.
That part of him is a part of me.

I asked him how he'd been and his response was
"Oh, you know, for 82 not so bad. They can't keep a
good Hunky down." We both laughed in agreement.
I'm only half Hunky (Hungarian) from my mom's family,
but it's strong in me. Hearing him reminded me of that.
The next thing he said was "I'm glad to hear you're
coming home to help your sister. Your mom and dad
would be happy, too." That brought a lump to my throat
but it took until much later before I really figured out why.

Later that day, I had to run an errand and after I
got back in my car, I just sat there and thought of
Uncle Kenny again and our conversation.

I've lived here almost 38 years and I've always said
that it never felt like home, it was just someplace to live.
Not home.

Right that second, it felt like something kicked me
in the heart and the tears started to flow.
Then, I heard myself say "I'm going home." Now I'm
sobbing and I keep saying "I'm going home."
Over and over I repeat that, out loud.
And I'm looking up as I continue to cry "I'm going home."


I'm going HOME.

Feeling not quite at home here makes sense now.

The most important part of me never left home.


I'm going HOME.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sparky and Spring flowers...

This is Sparky's best side, especially
when I'm trying to take his picture.

I thought last year's winter killed off
the bougainvillea but, they're making
a strong comeback.

I've taken dozens of photos of the jasmine
and this is the only one that was even close
to acceptable. I give up.

Dammit, Spark... stand still!

These plumbago aren't really mine.
They're invading from the neighbor's
side of the fence and mix with the
bougainvillea. I love the color.

One of the gazillion lizard/anoles that
Sparky loves to chase.

His favorite hunting ground is under the rose bushes.

My sister had a port put in her arm Thursday.
Friday (today) at 9am she gets her first chemo treatment.
Our 82 year old uncle (mom's youngest brother and
the last living member of her family) called her today
to tell her he will bring her dinner on Friday.
Mom would be pleased, especially since he got out
of the hospital recently after a heart problem.

The plan is, I'll be moving to Ohio in about a month
to stay with my sister and help take care of her.
Lots to do to make that happen.
My head is spinning but I think it's a good decision.

p.s. Am I rude or what? Forgot to say
to everyone who offered prayers and good thoughts
for my sister. Ya'll are the best of the best. ♥

Monday, March 26, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Have patience, old girl...

I've learned
how to wait
and in waiting
I've learned
that wants
don't always
match needs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Commenting is wonky, sometimes...


A couple weeks before my blog was kidnapped, I'd been
having problems leaving comments at a few blogs.
Pop-up comment format works fine. It's the embedded
comment pages that often don't work for me. Sometimes.
Before I have a chance to finish typing a comment, the
page goes white. Refresh does nothing. Clicking on
'back page' brings back the comment page for a few
seconds, then goes white again.

Wordpress blogs are hit or miss.

So. If you don't hear from me as much or, lately, never,
that's why. It sucks.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

more amateur art...

My evening entertainment today.
I call it "Zebra in Snowbank".
The paper is actually pure white even
though it has gray tints here. Oh well.
One ear is too thick at the bottom and
I should've made the nose longer.

Found a kid's book for a dollar.
Used this photo to work from.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Point of View...

I understand
that you don't.
from this side
it's clear
you're looking
through mud.
stop stirring the sediment.
it settles for a reason.
now, look again.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Haiku Monday - Circle...

hoop skirts. Southern belles.
grand BBQ at Twelve Oaks.
the first hula hoops.

This week's Haiku Monday is hosted by the
thoughtful and creative Curmudgeon's Complaint.
The topic he chose is: CIRCLE.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11, 1945...

I know I've mentioned
before that my dad served
in the Navy on the
USS Randolph during WW2.

As is so common with veterans,
he didn't share many details
of his service with his family.
He talked about learning to box
and getting his nose broken.
He talked about making an
attempt in track and breaking
his ankle in the long jump...
or, was it pole vaulting?

The most serious thing he talked
about for a long time was one of
his mates who died from alcohol
poisoning after a day of drinking
in the hot sun.
If he was asked where he served, he would only say
"in the Pacific". He mentioned being in Hawaii and
having no desire to go back. He enlisted after Pearl Harbor.

One day he showed us a scrapbook he made. The cover is a
piece of scratched plexiglass with some brown stains
near the edge. When I asked him what the stains were,
he said, "Oh, that's blood from the Kamikaze pilot
who hit our ship." He wouldn't say anymore.

Not long ago, I read the book "Flyboys" by
James Bradley. It talks about US forces bombing a
tiny (three miles by five miles) island called
Chichi Jima and eight pilots who crashed there, were
captured, tortured and killed by the Japanese.
This book mentions the USS Randolph as part of the
support forces in the bombing raids on Chichi Jima.
This is where dad's ship was when it was hit.

(click photo for book info.)

My dad's job on that ship was working on the
flight deck. He helped handle the "rubber bands".
Some sort of straps stretched across the deck that
the pilots had to hook on with the plane's tail to
keep the plane from flying off the deck when landing.
Twenty-five men were killed when that Kamikaze
hit the flight deck on March 11,1945.
My dad was one of the lucky uninjured.

Putting out the fire after the Kamikaze attack.

Aerial view of the USS Randolph showing the hole
in the flight deck from the Kamikaze hit.
That's where my dad was sixty-seven years ago today.
I wish he'd told us more.

More photos and chronology of the ship can be found here.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Monday, March 05, 2012

Haiku Monday - Silence

when words die. when hearts
stop beating. when souls depart.
Silence takes life's place.

you won't see me or
hear me again. Be careful
asking for silence.


This week's Haiku Monday contest
is hosted by the ever sweet Foam.
Her topic of choice: SILENCE.

Submission deadline is tonight at midnight.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Can't hold my breath forever...

spending too much time
trying to make sense
when there doesn't seem to be
much sense to make.
spending too much time
holding my breath
waiting for the answers
turns me blue.
too old to waste time
turning blue
being dizzy
staying confused.
pretending my name is
Vincent or Emily or Ansel or Georgia or Marjorie K
is time better spent.
I know none of those
names are mine. And
I figured that out
all by myself.


My friends, you touch my heart, again.
I don't know what will happen here or how often.
If it bores you at times, let me know, make a request
or wait for the next post. Maybe you'll like that one better.
If anyone thinks that on-line friendships are meaningless,
well, they don't know shit.
Tell them to talk to me, 'cause if there is something that I
do know... it's shit.

Thank you for being here, and there.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

puppy in da house...

This is Max. New addition to my brother's house.

Max with one of their other dogs, Deena.
Good luck taking that ball away!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haiku Monday - Venture...

quilts and teddy bears,
pondering cards, mugs and shirts.
so far, all gone bust.


This week's Haiku Monday contest
is being hosted by Karl.
The topic he chose is - VENTURE.

Be brave. It's open to all.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New blog added to the list...

Your Crazy Uncle has been on my blog roll forever.
He started a new blog the other day.

Go visit Not What I Wanted To Hear, Doc and add
some words of encouragement, please.

Unk is a southern Indiana boy, having spent the last
eighteen years as an ER Nurse, after spending some
time as an Army EMT and Medic.

He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Right now
he's going through all kinds of tests to find out exactly
where it is (so far, colon and liver) so they can get
started on the plan of attack.

The man is a fighter, but even a fighter can use a
cheering squad now and then.
He's a friend and I'd like to help somehow.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haiku Monday - X ...

Yes, bloggy friends.
I know it isn't even close
to Monday but, I'm posting
now because I'm too tired to
think of anything else because
I haven't slept in two days.
Senior Insomnia? Perhaps.
Anyway, I'm planning ahead because
I hope to be sleeping soon and I may
miss Monday altogether.

The host for this week's Haiku Monday is
(no, not me. Moi.)
The challenging topic she chose is:

Yes. X .Go to her blog to read the rules because
I'm too tired to 'splain.

These are mine. You write your own.

invisible is
really exvisible. Once
you were there, then not.

they're what your heart
gets when love goes running out
the door. exit wounds.

experience should
be insperience. absorbed
by us, not expelled.

exiled because of
profiled. accelerated

Excel. Be better
than you were before. Before
when? Before today.

Excavate the pain.
Exhume. Excommunicate.
Accelerate joy.

XYZ. not as
easy as ABC... I
got nuthin' for this.

like a trail of
rabbit turds. Excremental

Don't say shit. (You mean,
don't say anything?) No, you
stupid. Don't say shit!

this is my brain on
no sleep for forty-eight hours.
Exhaustion excites.


yeah, yeah. I got a little carried away.


Friday, February 17, 2012

anyone know the name of this flower?...

The bloom is about 3 inches across, the
leaves are slightly fuzzy and the whole
plant only gets about six inches tall.
When shade hits the flower it closes, like
a morning glory, but this is not a climber.

I don't remember where I bought it many
years ago, and I've never seen it since.
It's a low-maintenance survivor and I'd like
to have more someday.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a hard thing to do...

Focus. Focus. Focus.


I know it's bad when I have trouble concentrating
on a book I'm reading. Cover the same paragraph,
sometimes the same sentence, three times and still
have no idea what I read.

I have no answers. I'm wearing out the questions.
Everything feels wrong.

Purpose. It seems there is none.

The slippery slope has no sharp edge to grab.
I am a non-person. Less than a statistic.
Invisible as a ghost that cannot even cast a shadow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Haiku Monday - Don't Mess With Mother Nature

Beautiful planet
Earth knows how to take care of
herself. Let her live.


what's happened to the
neighborhood? It used to be
so clean and quiet.


it should be a love
affair with yourself, not sad.
who needs bigger boobs??


This week's Haiku Monday Contest
is hosted by the multi-talented

Her topic is:
Don't Mess With Mother Nature!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just so ya know...

today is no time to be wearing flip-flops.
Or tomorrow, either.

Last night, here in sunny Florida, I had to use
artificial heat to stay warm. No, you say!
Yes, I say! Below freezing it was.
Even now, as I type with cold-stiffened fingers,
the 'net says it has only approached 40.
(That statement probably lost all sympathy from
any one of you north of Georgia.)

To distract you from my (temporary) misery, I'm
going to send you to Fishy's place so you can read
all the inspired haiku written by an ever-growing
league of haiku writers. Go ahead.
Be impressed. Be inspired. Be a player. (not playah)

My own attempts to impress will be posted here at
one minute after midnight Monday. woo hoo.

In other news... I am still looking for a job.
Actually, I've found lots of jobs but none of the bastards
in charge of hiring picked me. And, yes, I've continued
to look outside the box.

If you see a blonde, big-boobed woman on the news
carrying a sign that says "Hire Me. You won't be sorry!"
it might be me.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hostages released...

No, not world news.
I'm referring to me and my blogs.

Google closed the place down and denied
me access to everything unless I agreed to
give them my phone number.
They said they detected unusual activity and
wanted me to prove my identity.

I waded through pages and pages of options
and forums and... stuff. Red tape loops.
They finally emailed a code that was supposed
to clear things up but, surprise, it didn't work.

I finally googled them and found a 'contact us' link
on their home page and sent an email saying I saw
no reason for them to have my phone number and that
the code they sent did not work so, please just release
my blogs.
Very early this morning I received a no-reply email
with an apology telling me everything should be fine now.
Seems to be so.

Thank you to those who checked in with me via other
channels to express concern.
It was nice to know I was missed.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Haiku Monday - metallic sound...

wind chime music played
by soft finger breeze drifting
through the open porch.


This week's Haiku Monday is hosted by
who came up with a most unique topic:
'metallic sound'.
The variety of haiku for this is impressive.
Add yours to the collection.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Ormond Memorial Gardens...

This little blue house sits at the edge of the
gardens next to the parking lot.
They use it for story-time for kids and sometimes
to sell local artist crafts.

I love the greenery that thrives in shade.
(under and behind the moss)

Peacock sculpture in the pond was donated
by the widow of the museum founder, an artist
in her own right.

The turtles were skittish, watching us behind them,
and diving into the pond if we moved in front of them.

I see a frowning face above the dark spot on the tree.
The gazebo is a favorite place for weddings, but
I'd advise against holding them in the summer
unless you especially like public steam baths.
(hot and no breeze.)

There are flowers blooming all year long.

And you folks seem to like flowers, so there ya go.

A waterfall not far from the museum building.
Benches provided here and throughout the garden
for peaceful contemplation.

I played with the color a bit and thought this version
turned out kinda Japanese-y.

And this version could be LSD-y.

Thus endeth our tour...