Sunday, June 17, 2012

petty me...

broken cup
is not important.
use the super-glue
to fix her
angel's broken wing.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

It's June...

and I'm sitting here in sweatpants and a jacket.
And smiling at the weather here as I think of what I'd 
be complaining about in Florida.

Well, the mad dash of getting moved and settled has
finally slowed to a reasonable pace. I have a new bank
and a new driver's license, so I think that makes me an
official Buckeye again. Still acclimating, though. 
For example, I have to make notes to find my way around
on my own. One of my favorite sayings is "Not all who
wander are lost." heh. Not so true for me right now.
Things changed and the memos to me got lost.

I don't know what to predict about my blogging.
My old routine, such as it was, has been scrambled and
scattered. Inspiration is pitifully missing. I guess I'll
go with the 'one day at a time' concept and see what happens.

My sister is continuing to do well. Even her oncologist is
amazed. She finished her first series of chemo yesterday with
minimal side effects. She will, however, begin a second series
of chemo with different drugs in a few weeks.  They are trying
to reduce the cancer as much as possible before doing surgery.
We're all hoping, of course, that the results will continue to be good.
Many thanks to all of you who are sending good thoughts and 

Unfortunately, I found bad news in the blogosphere. 
One of my long-time readers has passed away.
Unk lost his struggle with cancer. He will be missed.

It seems life comes with only one guarantee.