Tuesday, February 28, 2012

puppy in da house...

This is Max. New addition to my brother's house.

Max with one of their other dogs, Deena.
Good luck taking that ball away!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haiku Monday - Venture...

quilts and teddy bears,
pondering cards, mugs and shirts.
so far, all gone bust.


This week's Haiku Monday contest
is being hosted by Karl.
The topic he chose is - VENTURE.

Be brave. It's open to all.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New blog added to the list...

Your Crazy Uncle has been on my blog roll forever.
He started a new blog the other day.

Go visit Not What I Wanted To Hear, Doc and add
some words of encouragement, please.

Unk is a southern Indiana boy, having spent the last
eighteen years as an ER Nurse, after spending some
time as an Army EMT and Medic.

He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Right now
he's going through all kinds of tests to find out exactly
where it is (so far, colon and liver) so they can get
started on the plan of attack.

The man is a fighter, but even a fighter can use a
cheering squad now and then.
He's a friend and I'd like to help somehow.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haiku Monday - X ...

Yes, bloggy friends.
I know it isn't even close
to Monday but, I'm posting
now because I'm too tired to
think of anything else because
I haven't slept in two days.
Senior Insomnia? Perhaps.
Anyway, I'm planning ahead because
I hope to be sleeping soon and I may
miss Monday altogether.

The host for this week's Haiku Monday is
(no, not me. Moi.)
The challenging topic she chose is:

Yes. X .Go to her blog to read the rules because
I'm too tired to 'splain.

These are mine. You write your own.

invisible is
really exvisible. Once
you were there, then not.

they're what your heart
gets when love goes running out
the door. exit wounds.

experience should
be insperience. absorbed
by us, not expelled.

exiled because of
profiled. accelerated

Excel. Be better
than you were before. Before
when? Before today.

Excavate the pain.
Exhume. Excommunicate.
Accelerate joy.

XYZ. not as
easy as ABC... I
got nuthin' for this.

like a trail of
rabbit turds. Excremental

Don't say shit. (You mean,
don't say anything?) No, you
stupid. Don't say shit!

this is my brain on
no sleep for forty-eight hours.
Exhaustion excites.


yeah, yeah. I got a little carried away.


Friday, February 17, 2012

anyone know the name of this flower?...

The bloom is about 3 inches across, the
leaves are slightly fuzzy and the whole
plant only gets about six inches tall.
When shade hits the flower it closes, like
a morning glory, but this is not a climber.

I don't remember where I bought it many
years ago, and I've never seen it since.
It's a low-maintenance survivor and I'd like
to have more someday.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a hard thing to do...

Focus. Focus. Focus.


I know it's bad when I have trouble concentrating
on a book I'm reading. Cover the same paragraph,
sometimes the same sentence, three times and still
have no idea what I read.

I have no answers. I'm wearing out the questions.
Everything feels wrong.

Purpose. It seems there is none.

The slippery slope has no sharp edge to grab.
I am a non-person. Less than a statistic.
Invisible as a ghost that cannot even cast a shadow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Haiku Monday - Don't Mess With Mother Nature

Beautiful planet
Earth knows how to take care of
herself. Let her live.


what's happened to the
neighborhood? It used to be
so clean and quiet.


it should be a love
affair with yourself, not sad.
who needs bigger boobs??


This week's Haiku Monday Contest
is hosted by the multi-talented

Her topic is:
Don't Mess With Mother Nature!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just so ya know...

today is no time to be wearing flip-flops.
Or tomorrow, either.

Last night, here in sunny Florida, I had to use
artificial heat to stay warm. No, you say!
Yes, I say! Below freezing it was.
Even now, as I type with cold-stiffened fingers,
the 'net says it has only approached 40.
(That statement probably lost all sympathy from
any one of you north of Georgia.)

To distract you from my (temporary) misery, I'm
going to send you to Fishy's place so you can read
all the inspired haiku written by an ever-growing
league of haiku writers. Go ahead.
Be impressed. Be inspired. Be a player. (not playah)

My own attempts to impress will be posted here at
one minute after midnight Monday. woo hoo.

In other news... I am still looking for a job.
Actually, I've found lots of jobs but none of the bastards
in charge of hiring picked me. And, yes, I've continued
to look outside the box.

If you see a blonde, big-boobed woman on the news
carrying a sign that says "Hire Me. You won't be sorry!"
it might be me.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hostages released...

No, not world news.
I'm referring to me and my blogs.

Google closed the place down and denied
me access to everything unless I agreed to
give them my phone number.
They said they detected unusual activity and
wanted me to prove my identity.

I waded through pages and pages of options
and forums and... stuff. Red tape loops.
They finally emailed a code that was supposed
to clear things up but, surprise, it didn't work.

I finally googled them and found a 'contact us' link
on their home page and sent an email saying I saw
no reason for them to have my phone number and that
the code they sent did not work so, please just release
my blogs.
Very early this morning I received a no-reply email
with an apology telling me everything should be fine now.
Seems to be so.

Thank you to those who checked in with me via other
channels to express concern.
It was nice to know I was missed.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Haiku Monday - metallic sound...

wind chime music played
by soft finger breeze drifting
through the open porch.


This week's Haiku Monday is hosted by
who came up with a most unique topic:
'metallic sound'.
The variety of haiku for this is impressive.
Add yours to the collection.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Ormond Memorial Gardens...

This little blue house sits at the edge of the
gardens next to the parking lot.
They use it for story-time for kids and sometimes
to sell local artist crafts.

I love the greenery that thrives in shade.
(under and behind the moss)

Peacock sculpture in the pond was donated
by the widow of the museum founder, an artist
in her own right.

The turtles were skittish, watching us behind them,
and diving into the pond if we moved in front of them.

I see a frowning face above the dark spot on the tree.
The gazebo is a favorite place for weddings, but
I'd advise against holding them in the summer
unless you especially like public steam baths.
(hot and no breeze.)

There are flowers blooming all year long.

And you folks seem to like flowers, so there ya go.

A waterfall not far from the museum building.
Benches provided here and throughout the garden
for peaceful contemplation.

I played with the color a bit and thought this version
turned out kinda Japanese-y.

And this version could be LSD-y.

Thus endeth our tour...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Race time in Daytona, again...

A lovely place to spend some time.
Opened in the late 1940s because of
a WWI veteran and artist.

This is the 50-year anniversary of the
24-hour race in Daytona.
That was last weekend, I think.

Even the art museums celebrate this
area's claim to racing fame.

The original NASCAR track was the beach and A1A.

Bill France started it all.
The Daytona 500 is February 26 this year.

Smokey Yunick always did it his way.

The good old boys always
made sure there were pretty
girls to decorate the events.

I'll do a separate post with pics
from the gardens.