Thursday, May 26, 2011

a bit of bragging and a favorite memory...

The good looking hunk of youth in the photo
is my nephew, Zack. He's graduating from
high school this weekend.

He'll be heading to the University of Cincinnati
in the fall to major in computer engineering.
Zack (like his older sister) worked hard through
high school and is racking up scholarships to help
with the expenses for college. He's also planning
on grabbing summer paid internships.

My brother and sister-in-law have done a fabulous
job of raising two motivated, hard-working, talented,
fun-loving, brainy chillun. The kids actually enjoy spending
time together as a family. And, their house is always
open to their friends. They've been encouraged to love
life, accept challenges and grab for the brass ring.

Living so far away means that I've missed much in person.
But, one of my favorite memories comes from when I
visited them about fourteen years ago.
Zack would have been about four. My brother, Zack's dad,
needed to go to the local college to register for a class.
Zack and I went with him and it turned out that the
registration office was on the first floor of one of the
girls' dorms.

Zack (remember he was four) and I sat on a bench outside
the dorm and I remember it was a beautiful fall day in Ohio.
Dozens of college girls were passing by.

I noticed my little nephew paying very close attention to
the nubile females. I asked him "What do you think about
all these pretty girls, Zack?"
He looked up at me with huge, sensitive brown eyes and
the sweetest smile I've ever seen anywhere and replied,
"They're not as pretty as you, Aunt Jean."

Oh, yeah. Aunt Jean melted.
Right there. Right then.
And declared his future very bright.

I have no idea if he remembers that moment or, indeed,
any part of my visit that year. But, me? It still brings
tears to my eyes and makes my heart swell.

I love you, Zachary, and I wish you all the best, all the good
and all the joy that your heart can hold.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you haven't noticed...

After a very long blog hiatus, Bane's daughter,
Maiden Magnetic has resumed posting.
You were missed, little girl.

aaaaaaaaand... I missed the birthday of my good
friend, Nowhere Man, this past Saturday.
Would you click on over there and hand out some
belated warm and fuzzies? Maybe he'll stop pouting.
(I'm kidding, he doesn't pout he just rants a bit now and then.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

My sister emailed a few chuckles...

Dear World,

Please stop freaking out about 2012.
Our calendar ends there because some
Spanish d-bags invaded our country and
we got a little busy, OK?

the Mayans

Dear Noah,

We could have sworn you said the ark
wasn't leaving 'til 5.


Dear White People,

Don't you just hate immigrants?

Native Americans

Dear Man,

It's cute, but can you pick up peanuts with it?


Dear Ugly People,

You're welcome.



If I'm lazy for the next coupla days, ya'll have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final launch...

My friend, Nowhere Man, has a
beautiful post written about the
final launch of Endeavor that took
place Monday morning.
Click on his name or the photo above.
He's been in the aerospace business
a long time and knows his stuff.

What did you call me?...

What is it with young people working in customer
service jobs?

Since when do teens and twenty-somethings call a
customer "Sweetheart", "Darling", "Honey", "Gorgeous"?
What happened to Ma'am and Sir?

If they're trying to flatter some old broad in the hopes
of getting a bigger tip or they think they are so hot
(granted, some are) that I'm going to have steamy
fantasies that will make my day and bring me back for
more... just get over yourselves, kids.

Do they say those things to their mothers and grandmothers?
I'm thinking not.

I consider it out of line, impolite and almost rude.

Geez. Cranky much?

Monday, May 09, 2011

Eye of the beholder...

you are not old
who still sees
in a smile
older than yours
or a tree that casts
no shade or
a home with peeling paint
or a lone flower in a weedy bed,
in a threadbare quilt of patches,
a day whose only music
is a birdsong or
someone humming
in the kitchen.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day reviewed...

if your mother is
one you wish to remember,
Sunday is the day.

if your attention
to her is only May and
December, pause now.

think what you'd be like
if her caring for you had
been that infrequent.