Monday, June 15, 2009

*UPDATE* Even best laid plans are better with back-up...

*UPDATE: Spent the morning at the market booth.
Paperwork, cleaning. Hot. Melted.
Approved another 5x7 proof for printing.
The three mug orders with the Good Mug Company are
in process. Might have them on the 25th.
Life is good. Too friggin' hot but, good.

Remember my recent ranting about Yucky Mug Company?
Yeah, well, they managed to bite me a good one.

I got notice that my three orders of mugs came in.
Good news, right? Not this time.

Forty-eight mugs per order = 144 mugs ready for me.
Except... they were ALL WRONG. Dammit.
Apologies were offered, along with a promise to call
corporate headquarters about correcting the issue ASAP.
At first, I said okay, after letting them know I had expected
to have the mugs available for sale in my booth at the
market on June 19. Eight days from the disaster discovery.

Considering this order took them almost a month to fuck up
and deliver, why would I expect miracles in a week?
So, I went home and stewed for about an hour and decided
to let them know I was cancelling the order, demanding a
full reimbursement and going to another supplier.
Oops for them.

The Good Mug Company will save me, almost.
I got on line and emailed them and began the process of
sending the .pdf files so they know what to print, back and
forth with proofs a few times until I see exactly what I want,
confirm the order and begin the paperwork process.

The first order from Good Mug Company took two weeks
from order to delivery. So, it will take a miracle (as in,
paying extra for rush processing, which I cannot afford)
to have these mugs by the 19th. I might... might... have them
in time for the second weekend.

I'll only have two mugs, one shirt and a gazillion Frame-ables
to start with. But, it's okay. I will simply overload the space
with more Frame-ables than planned and set out twice as
many of the two mugs to fill the space.

There is good news, too.
I finalized the arrangement at the market and will take
possession of the booth Monday morning. That gives me
four full days to get organized and set up for Friday.
Plus, I drafted a friend to help and she is thrilled.

I think all I have left to do is go to the hardware store today
and buy seven padlocks and have them all keyed the same
(don't ask). Oh yeah, I need a table skirt.
And, copies of my driver's license, business license and sales
tax cert for the credit card machine guy. And, I need to start
putting more Frame-ables together. And, I need to put together
a tool box to take with me. And, I need to get the car loaded
so I can get an early start tomorrow after I meet my friend
for breakfast. And, somewhere in all this I need to get the
other blog set up for on line sales....

If ya'll don't see me around here a lot, re-read this post.

p.s. I finally bought a simple digital camera for uploading
pics of the mugs and such. Pray for me. I got so frustrated
with the first digital I bought that I gave it away.


Living Dees Life said...

you go girl!! kick some ass, takes thier take thier money! and rock it :)

Tammi said...

I am soooo pulling for you on this. And, just so you know, I'm always in the market for nice mugs! Will await the photos.......

Jean said...

ha, Blaez, I appreciate the enthusiasm!

Tammi, thank you, too. And, just so you know, one of the mugs on order is going to say "people do not change, they only change what they do." :-)

Carteach said...

I haven't dropped in for a while... and it seems like I have missed a lot!

Sounds like good times Jean! Go for it.

Enigma said...

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. Stay after it Jean!!!

Jean said...

Carteach0, you've been just a tad busy. s'okay.

Enigma, just a speed bump. I will survive!

kdzu said...

You know the prayers go up on a regular basis. Will give them a little more urgency. Hang in there.
Good things come to those who seek them.

Jean said...

Thank you, darlin'.
I am definitely seeking!

Unknown said...

Jean, I just bought a four-pack of Master Locks, (keyed the same). There were several qualities to select from. I was at Fred Meyer's. That is part of the Kroger Chain on the West Coast. You can probably find somthing that will work for way less than having locks keyes the same at a lock smith.

As Bane used to say; "Knock em stiff"!

Jean said...

I went to ACE Hardware this afternoon and bought two four-packs.
So, at least I only have two keys to mess with.

Dear Bane. I can hear him rooting for me ♥

Thank you, sweet Kat!

curmudgeon said...

Good luck!

AspergantuS said...

God Bless Jean... you're gonna do great!

Jean said...

Thank you, Dave!

Hugs to you, Mick.

boneman said...

...and the grin on this puss is where you gave said camera away.
A fair amount of patience AND a cheap tripod will solve most of your problems.
I'll help when I can...what kind did you get?

Deb, from the youtube connection has a great idea for your mugs.
bad news is, it's nine plus minutes long, and you know what that means.
Good news, it's worth seeing, and, even though I haven't seen the others, yet (this is part five of five) I will see them.
When I get some time.
Put it on play at night before you hit the hay, watch it in the morning.
Lots of useful stuff.

Jean said...

It's a Kodak Easy-Share (9.1 mp?)
My galfriend gave me a quick lesson in using it. I think I'll be ok with this one. Haven't had time to use it yet. I'm sure I'll have questions for you, dear. Thanks ♥

I will check out her videos, thanks.
That probably won't happen very soon, either, though. I should be sleeping right now to be back at the flea market by 7am tomorrow. Trying to avoid the worst of the heat of the day d:-)
And, thank goodness Jan is helping me with the booth set-up.

the walking man said...

Seems to me...and I may be wrong...but you could get your product done locally. Most every silk screen printer has the capacity to print on every surface, including mugs.

Not sure where you're at but I am sure there is a local producer of mugs used for local events. It would save time and distance and also you could give approval when the first proof is run instead after the whole order is completed. Good luck with this venture.

Doom said...


I have been watching, and praying for your success (and that you maintain sanity). I simply do not understand why we cannot order something as simple as a mug all the way up to a custom computer today. I am sure some of it is outsourcing, foreign languages, but how much of it is the hate harbored toward Americans (probably even Europeans)? I am not sure where anything is made anymore, but even if it is "Made in the USA", how much do you want to bet it isn't made by US citizens. Remember, only about half of the illegals are Mexican. Then again, Mexicans do not exactly have a love for America either.


Ok, and anyway. Good luck with that. I wonder if you will just get used to the heat or learn to suffer? Heat is one of my main weaknesses, so hearing about it makes me nervous... for you. Ice in a cooler, a couple of bandannas to dip in the water, then have one cool wet one in the ice for cold trade-offs, and plenty of water, tossing down gatorade type stuff occasionally, and moving as little as possible might help. Mice get women, heat gets me.

I really am pulling for you. These are tough times in a mean world. So when I see someone try to sprout an idea to earn some money, making what of a living they can, I have to hope the best. Especially someone I have 'known' for years now. Keep at it. I'll send a prayer for breezes and interested buyers.

Jean said...

Mark, the bad mugs came from a local Office Depot and they do submit proofs for approval before printing. I approved and they somehow did them completely different than the proofs.

I've only talked to one local silk screener so far and they couldn't help. Couldn't print on the mugs I want. I'm still looking locally.
The good mug company uses the same mug printers as O.D. and they have been wonderful. Go figure.

I am determined to find the best suppliers. Thanks for the good wishes and any advice is welcome.

Jean said...

Doom, having directly and personally experienced the stick-in-the-eye from the economy, I understand what you're saying. Starting this endeavor at this time has made me question myself (including my sanity *g*) a LOT.
But, then, waiting for better or best times might only accomplish my getting older... and that is going to happen no matter what. And... someone else might come up with the same idea and run with it while I'm waiting. So, I am taking the stand that now is the best time for me, scary as it can be.
My confidence is high and I believe it will work, somehow.

As far as the heat... I ended up in the ER this morning with a painful kidney stone in spite of hydrating as much as I thought I needed. Taking today off to recuperate and will be back at the booth to finish setting up tomorrow. Then the first weekend of business.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers.

Teresa said...

You are inspiring me!!!!! I would love to be in your shoes right now. Your enthusiasm is just oozing out of your writing and you sound like a different person. I can hardly wait for the Pondering Store to open. I love to shop :)

Good luck to you Jeannie - you're certainly due for some.

Jean said...

aw, Teresa, how sweet you are :-)
My first day at the flea market is tomorrow. Took my girlfriend and I three days to set it up. I'm pooped.

It's good to see you here. You've been missed.

Home on the Range said...

You always amaze me with your ability to just pick up where life has tossed you and make a go of it.

I'm proud of you.

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