Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wordsmith Haiku Challenge...

Once again, Sparrow picked a doozy of a topic for
her Weekly Haiku Challenge.

We all love it or we wouldn't be here, right?


vote for your favorite by 11:00 p.m. Thursday.

Sometimes words are not
enough. But, in those times, they're
often all we have.


the walking man said...

A well chosen word
has to be more than enough
It has lasting worth

Jean said...

Walking Man... I wish there was room in the haiku for me to add: choose wisely.

Yours is excellent, of course.
Thanks for visiting :-)

kdzu said...

Words seem damnably feeble sometimes........
And then at other times they have the power of a nuclear bomb.

Choose wisely indeed.

Yours, dear lady, are most choice.

Jean said...

Thank you, kind sir :-)

chickory said...

and often, all we need.

jean, what products are you making? i cant wait to see!

Jean said...

Chickory... indeed.

I'll be offering coffee mugs, cards framed and unframed and eventually t-shirts. Printed with my pithy words ;-)

I hope to have some posted and ready for scrutiny (and sale) in 2-3 weeks.