Saturday, June 06, 2009

Exhausted, anxious and happy...

I can barely keep my eyes open but I realized
that Friday snuck up on me and I haven't posted
since Tuesday. The new venture is keeping me
fully occupied and I'm loving every minute of it.

If my plans stay on schedule, I should have a
nice space in a very busy flea market and a good
amount of products ready to sell on June 19th.
I hope to have the other blog set up and ready for
business shortly after that.

The first order of mugs came in this week (from the
Good Mug company) and the next order of mugs
(from the Yucky Mug Company) are due to be
delivered next week. That will be four designs for a
total of 216 mugs to start with.

I hope to have six Frame-ables designs completed
next week. I forget how many frames I bought so far.
75? 100? Maybe more. I forget. I'm sleepy right now.
I do remember that the 5x7 prints will total more than 800.

I only have one t-shirt design right now. I'm too poor, after
all the other expenses, to afford more shirts until after
the other items start to sell. I'm hoping that the race fans
coming to town for the July 4th speedway events will
fatten the t-shirt budget. After the booth rent gets paid.

If this doesn't work out the way I hope, I'm going to
have a life-time supply of Christmas and Birthday presents.

Crap. It isn't Friday any more. It's Saturday.

Ya'll have a great weekend. I need sleep.


the walking man said...

Sleep? Like war...what is it good for.

I am hoping your venture turns the way you need it to in order to become satisfied in the effort Jean. Determination in the face of every adversity is my wish for you and this thing you are starting.

Jean said...

I've always heard that the older one gets, the less sleep is needed.
I must still be close to the 'young' side 'cause I still like a good 6 or 7 hours a night. Doesn't always happen, though. But, still I survive ;-)

Mark, thank you for your good wishes.
There have been few other times when I have felt this much determination.
And, it feels right.
The path may take me somewhere I have not imagined but I'm keeping myself open to all possibilities.

Living Dees Life said...

so excited for you! sending you tons of good vibes!! and yay for race fans!

Jean said...

Thank you, Blaez!
I visited your place the other day.
Glad that your back is doing better... and a belated Happy Birthday ♥

chickory said...

i wish you every success. im in a similar place - im working on my farmers market products...i did an illustration of an owl with moonflowers to make a label for my moonflower seedlings...i have lots of plant and art integration on my "product line" we'll see how art and "farm" play out.

whats fun is hanging out with everybody at the flea. it will be a good time - cant wait to see the stuff.

Jean said...

Thanks, grrrrrl.
This is a first for me.

Anonymous said...


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