Sunday, June 21, 2009

lackanookie U. ...


oh my, don't cry,
it isn't over yet.
there're more to come
so don't you fret.
he wasn't the first
won't be the last
one of those
dime-a-dozen-boys just
passin' through.
don't cry for him
he won't remember you.
there are plenty more
where he came from
so stay away from there
or you will find
more dime-a-dozen-boys
to wear you down.
you're not much
of a prize, yourself,
you know
when you're howlin'
about what shoulda been.
the dime-a-dozen-boys
are fine for playin'.
not worth a damn
if you want 'em
to stay(in).


kdzu said...

Damn....I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this ode to my alma mater.

Jean said...

heh... Larry, let's go with the chuckle version :-)

Anonymous said...

Once again, you know...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Too long for a coffee mug, but just right for a sympathy card!

And I'd send it, too.

the walking man said...

ha ha ha ha ha That last line, I may have written it differently but to be honest there is so much (about staying power on so many levels) in the way you put it Jean I think it should stay as is.

Jean said...

Anon, I'd like to think so ;-)

Joan... HA!....wonder what Hallmark would pay?

WM... 'staying power'. Oh, yeah ;-)

Doom said...

Are you the Jedi or the Padawan learner at this point? :p

Good or bad, haven't we all danced that dance? But then, I like the Romans (I think) who said something about... hoping to live long enough that someday this too may be smiled (laughed) at. I think, like you, I am smiling, mostly.

Youth, foolishness, and sex drive... who woulda thunk they could make mental omelets? Does it bring squirrels in heat to mind for anyone else? And then that a poet could garnish that omelet into something almost edible and eminently sensible?


Unknown said...

Love it. You said a mouthful!!

Looking forward to your online store :-)

Jean said...

Doom...heh. Took me a while to smile.
But, what the heck, it was fun at the time.

Kat... they're everywhere! ;-)

(by this weekend, I hope.)

chickory said...

oh i guess that is a write on wipe off board or something. its reflective. grherhahahaha im projecting!

Jean said...

ah,yes...the writing board ;-)