Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How exciting, for me, to still have

so much to learn.
You, however, must be terribly bored.

(shirt? mug? bumper sticker?)


kdzu said...

Oh definitely a shirt.....for women...with how exciting in big letters. Then You ******* terribly bored on the back.

Sexist pig that I am, I would assuredly be looking to see what was so exciting.

Jean said...

Ha! love it.

the walking man said...

How exciting, for me, to still have
so much to learn.

Coffee cup with the above when held in the right hand showing.

You, however, must be terribly bored.

With the above showing when held in the left hand.

I was going to suggest also for the Pondering... coffee cup

to have Hmmmm...on the obverse.

chickory said...

definitely the cup.

i looked at your shop! loved it. i smiled- you installed a mirror. well, you got the salesmanship part down. charm school is a BIG part of the deal. "fell em and sell em" grrherhahaha

at the farmers market last saturday i made 15 dollars.
i sold a morning glory vine, a moonflower vine and a lemon cucumber seedling. and 3 chicken cards.

and the guy that bought the plants sweated me for a senior discount taking them from 2.50 each to 2.

if i may make a wee suggestion on the t shirts

for the ladies, you need the slightly more fitted ones and i would make pondering smaller and centered on the breastbone so the words are not across the boob line. does that make sense?

of course, many prefer the larger t's for bagginess. however, i believe your words in particular might appeal to a woman thats a bit more urbane even in the sticks.

is this the flea of 1-75 near ocala by any chance?

chickory said...

er, forgot to ask. where is your online shop? i will buy a mug. or print. Etsy? big cartel? pondering.com?

Teresa said...

I want to order 2 mugs, a shirt and a print...just tell me how to go about it.

I love the look of your little corner, and it is all about charming 'em. You were born to do this...I just have the feeling.

Before I became an artist, I was a Counter Manager for Estee LaLa. One thing I learned...color is an eye-catcher, no matter what. I noticed how your red frames popped with the red on your table. Your buyers will most likely be the ladies...what draws your eye and makes you stop and look at something? Usually it's about color. Fresh flowers would be a natural partner to your work. Hey, maybe even to sell?

It is exciting just to watch you do this. I love it!!!!!

curmudgeon said...

That's akin to my favorite saying:

"So, you're a 'sexual intellectual'?"


"A f@cking know-it-all."

Corby said...

a shirt I think...


Jean said...

WM, good suggestions. Something to ponder.

Chickory, a mirror?
Good point about the ladie's shirts. I have an appointment with a shirt printer tomorrow. So far, women's shirts are more expensive. We'll see.
This flea market is in Daytona, not far from the Speedway and I-95.
And...the on-line store is getting set up on blogspot (http://theponderingstore.blogspot.com)
However, I'm looking at etsy also.
Big Cartel...never heard of.

Teresa... email coming about your order ;-) Thanks!
Color has been mentioned a couple of times. I plan on adding some this weekend. Don't have a lot, yet, but when I can get more shirts, there will be more color there. And, it's funny you mention flowers...I've thought seriously about setting some on the shelves.

Dave... LOL! Exactly.

Corby, OK then :-)