Monday, March 16, 2020

More changes every day...

For Ohio, all schools closed at least three weeks,
no groups larger than 100 so some churches are
going with techno-preaching or nothing.
All bars and restaurants closed except for take-out.
Sports are, college, high school.  
The number of confirmed cases of the virus are
doubling every day and spreading across the state. 
Gas was down to $1.78 yesterday. Race tracks and
casinos are shut down.
Football Hall of Fame is closed along with the Rock Hall
and all museums. McDonald's is doing drive-thru
only, closed their dining rooms.

We were going to go out for my birthday lunch on
Saturday but changed plans to ordering pizza
and renting movies. (If you haven't seen
"The Good Liar" and "Harriet" I highly recommend both.)

All three of us sisters have spent the past two weeks
passing a head cold back and forth. I was lucky enough
to get it twice. Copious amounts of sneezing and sniffling.
Hopefully, we're done with it but still taking the
recommended precautions to avoid anything worse.
We're all in the vulnerable age group and of course
Carol has the compromised immune system, so other than
Ann going to work and an occasional grocery run,
we're pretty much old lady home bodies.

I'd like to say everyone is going to be fine soon but reality
is probably that we have a long road to go before we can
even start to relax.
Be safe and smart, my friends.


Doom said...

Do what you must. The thing? Now you are learning what my last thirty years has been like.

It's not bad, but for a prideful ogre, it took... a lot to just surrender. Still try, but I know better.

It isn't bad. Find quiet hobbies. Prayers and blessings.

Jean said...

It is unsettling.
I am fortunate to have many books waiting to be read and two sisters to keep me company.

Be well, Doom.

Doom said...

Oh, techno-church... if I get my hours sorted. I found out when my church will be on, daily. Catholic, don't you know. Anyway, I am excited. I will finally be as much in church as others. Once I get my hours sorted, for as long as I can keep it sorted. Currently it airs just before I wake, but there may be an app so I can join, listen, when I am awake. For me, it is quite the thing. I hope they keep it when all is returned.

Plus, I never got the prayers and such learned well, made participation... thus going... difficult. I can get some safe practice in, adjust volume, and such. Sometimes curses can bring blessings.

Jean said...

Carol misses going to church. They aren't streaming, so far.
Glad you are able to "chime in" there :) .