Tuesday, March 31, 2020


If you missed it today
They'll tell it again tomorrow.
Woe is us. 

(6-8-3 not 5-7-5)


the walking man said...

It does seem to be the same information tweeked on a loop. I wish they would at least change their ties and smiles.

Doom said...

Numbers are only required specific in some fields. I certainly twisted them a time or dozen in my haikus, often quite accidentally. Besides the sum is the same. Something poetic about that to boot. ... On a human level, thanks for the playfulness, art. Brought several types of smiles to my face.

Jean said...

Mark, just turning off the TV for a while makes for some peaceful time.
None of those folks are in danger of making any good fashion statements.

Doom, I figured 17 syllables in any order still got the job done.
As long as no one turns me in to the Haiku Police.