Thursday, March 26, 2020

Reality adjustment...

Going out anywhere for any reason can very
easily slap you upside the head with what's
going on in your world. It isn't TVLand.

Carol was scheduled for her usual every three 
weeks Herceptin treatment. I've gone with her
more often than not. Today included.

Akron is not a huge city but it comes with its
fair share of traffic, road construction, delays, etc.
Today was spooky.
It took us less than ten minutes to take the normal
15-20 minute route to the hospital oncology building.
And the parking garage had dozens of empty spaces
available. So we arrived more than forty-five minutes
early for her appointment.

The next shocker was finding out that the only people
allowed in the building are the patients.
They had a small table with hand sanitizer set up in
the hallway just inside the entrance. A nurse wearing
a mask and gloves was there and asked which one of us
had an appointment. Of course Carol answered and the
nurse looked at me and told me I'd have to wait outside.
Everything in town is shut down so there was nowhere
to go...other than back to the car. Which is where I sat
for the next two hours. Did I bring a book? Noooooo.

We did end up with good news, though.
Her last echocardiogram showed a nice improvement in heart
function since the previous test. From 49% to 55%.

And, almost as good? I scored some toilet paper at Walgreen's.
Who's yer Mama?


the walking man said...

Small victories add up Jean. Glad for your sister and your recent acquisition.

Jean said...

Gotta be grateful for anything good.