Saturday, March 07, 2020

the Accidental Thief...

I didn't mean to.

Grocery shopping this week included three bottles of
hand sanitizer. Or so I thought.

After paying for my purchases, I noticed a bottle of
the hand sanitizer, like the three I bought, sitting on
the little shelf  at the end of the conveyor belt.

I thought to myself , "hmmmm, either the bag boy forgot
to pack one or the cashier thought I might want one in my
purse." Right? It could happen. That's what they do when
I buy a Snickers bar.

I innocently picked up the bottle and put it in one of the many
grocery bags in my cart and pushed the cart outside to my car.
No alarms. No one chasing me.

Unload the grocery bags at home and I count FOUR bottles
of sanitizer, not three. I'm puzzled but not alarmed. I look at
the store receipt and count THREE sanitizers. 
I'm still puzzled but I finish putting away everything except
I leave the bottles on the kitchen counter.

A short time later, Carol came to me with a grin on her face
and one of the bottles in her hand. "Did you see what you took?"
On one side of the bottle, in big letters, was "STORE". 


I was going to take it back yesterday, but the weather 
was crappy and I didn't feel like driving in wet snow the size 
of dinner plates. 
Besides, what would I say when I got there?
Would they just chalk it up to a senile old woman having a
brain fart?
Would they laugh out loud or have me arrested? 
I've never been arrested. Would prefer to keep it that way.


(what would ya'll do?)


Doom said...

I would take it back. Look at it this way... The worst they could possibly do is attempt to have you arrested. Let's just say that happens? Kewl. A new experience! But your conscience would be clean. Just do it the next time you naturally go shopping. Until then, just play the converted thief on one of the other crosses. :p

Jean said...

Ha. would make a nifty blog post.

Joe said...

And what did you do?

Jean said...

I've been home with a crappy cold, so it's still sitting on the coffee table for now.

Joe said...

Best wishes for the happiest of days

Practical Parsimony said...

Just take it back the next time you go back to the store. No one is going to arrest you.

Jean said...

Thank you, Joe.

That's probably what will happen, PP.

glasslass said...

Take it back and do your shopping and when you get to the checkout counter just set it there. Nobody will notice and your aren't the first one to do this, trust me. But I'm her to say Happy Birthday and have a better day.

Jean said...

Good idea, Glasslass. and Thank you for the B'day wishes..