Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I should be ashamed...

I should be ashamed
having read so little
of so few poets
and nothing at all
of so many more.
they've spent their lives
writing words just for
the likes of me
and I barely know
but a few.
I should be ashamed
to do what I do like
I'm the only one
who has ever done it
when it's mostly been done
already and better and oftener before.
I should be ashamed
and burn my notebooks and
break my pencils and read
what's already been written and
what's being written now.
But I am reading what's being
written now this minute by me
and some others here and
there when I can and
when I want.
I should be ashamed
of thinking about quitting.
someone somewhere might
someday read what
I wrote yesterday or today
and think about writing
what they have to say
in their own way
and another link gets
added to the chain and
another chapter is added
to the story.
I should be ashamed
for doing so little.
But I'm not.

(after reading some Lawrence Ferlinghetti)


Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, yes-- you shouldn't!


the walking man said...

Every bellows breath fires the forge where the links are fashioned. If that shames you then you should be ashamed of your shame.

Freddie said...

Love this.

I can totally relate. Not on the poetry level, but on many, many others.

Also: Do not think of quitting, ok? Maybe setting aside for a while, but not quitting. ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

the truest conflict for all of us.

Michael Morse said...

Sounds like unearned guilt. I'm going to have to think about this for a while, so it must be pretty good, and nothing to be ashamed about!

So I'm glad you're not.

Jean said...

Joan - thanks, I'm glad I got over it.


Mark - Whatever I do is what I can do. The shame is gone.

Freddie - nah, I'm not planning on going anywhere. Having too much fun here.

Charles - so many words, so little time.

Michael - It was something to work through but I made it.
Thank you.

Froth said...

I totally understand the "why me" thing. But then we wouldn't have all the yous and usses!

Jean said...

You're right, Kim. We need yous and usses!

Erica said...

Ah. Lawrence Ferlinghetti...of course I own "Coney Island of the Mind." Hello? That's, like, my life.

Jean said...

Erica! holy crap, I thought you had deserted me. I've been crying for weeks.
Please keep visiting. d:-)

Anonymous said...

Please don't be. :)

Jean said...

Elizabeth, welcome!
Shame was a fleeting moment this time ;-)
I'll visit your place soon and hope you return often here.