Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UPDATE: Hurry up Haiku...

UPDATE: go back to VOTE before 11pm Thursday!

You know the drill, folks. It's Wednesday.
It's Haiku Challenge time at All Atwitter and the topic is:

*********************** BUSY *************************

Deadline to submit your entry is 10pm tonight.


goatman said...

Fast and fast go I
only wishing to finish
relax in my chair

Off the top of my fuzzy little head!

boneman said...

you OK, baby?
you were so quiet last night.
didn't even snore.

Jean said...

Goatman, very nice! You should have entered the contest :-)

Berry, I made up for lost sleep from the night before. zzzzzz was happening.

goatman said...

What? I missed the contest . . .