Tuesday, December 29, 2009

come back, Sunshine!

Holy crap. It's only 37 degrees here. Florida.
Predicting a high of 59. Tomorrow a bit better.
Thursday we might see 70. Geez.

Berry's going to get off the plane tonight and think
he's still in Indiana. Well, maybe not quite, but it
sure is colder than we were both hoping for.
We may not get outside as much as we thought.
What to do? What to do?
We'll have a week to figure it out.

Posting will be light to none, possibly. Forgive me?
I'll make it up to you. Promise.

'Scuse me now. Still need to do laundry and shave my legs.



bearly domesticated boneman said...

Dang! I left Indiana two hours ago, and I'm still here!

(just practicing)

Heck, even at 30 degrees, it'll beat 8 degrees all to ice cubes!

Jean said...

ha... I'm still going to keep hoping for more warmth. ♥

kdzu said...

You kids have fun. Remember curfew is before sunrise on weekdays and no later than midnight of the following day for weekends and holidays.

Blaez said...

we got over a foot for christmas. started snowing when we woke up and didn't stop until well after the sun went down. our neighbors built this giant snowman that is very scary looking... i'm afraid its going to come to life and kill us.

i hinted to my parents and siblings about your stuff in the store and i had to go with something else... thier hard to buy for. but i'm going to give my man hints i want your coffee mugs :-) my father is a redneck and "didn't get it" on the stuff i showed him... my sister R wanted camo and my other sister wanted baby things (she's due anytime)...

*hugs* and "see" you soon!

hope you had a merry christmas and your new year is full of fun!

Anonymous said...


Just sayin'.

Thanks for the card, Jeanie-Doll.

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Jean for your good wishes, I have just recovered from a PC crash and just adding all my favourites once again, so have much catching up to do, which I shall very much enjoy here.
Wishing you a very happy and healthy decade and all very best wishes from us here in UK.
btw it's freezing here -5 we have had much snow with more to come.

the walking man said...

Take plenty of pictures kids.

Freddie said...

Heh. If he's from Indiana (especially the northern part) he probably feels right at home in any kind of weather, minute-to-minute, even.


Have fun!

Lee said...

Have fun.

At first I thought 37, so what? Then I realised you was still in degrees F. That's cooler than I like.

Have fun. Yeah, I know I said that already but I meant it both times, OK?

bearly domesticated boneman said...

Well, hi, honey!
Beautiful night last night, the moon full on the sea, the foam in the morning.
You're upstairs in the shower and I found this computer....wheeee

ANNA-LYS said...

I am here LOL

Happy New Year!

Enigma said...

Belated Happy New Year my friend! It is a blistering 15 degrees here tonight, and the wind chill is below zero. But you TAKE CARE of those oranges! I likes my fresh peeled fruit.

Jean said...

Geeeeez... gonna be 25 degrees tonight. Good thing we have a room with heat (heh)
You folks behave 'til I get back.

Anonymous said...

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Yunus said...

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