Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Comeuppance is mine...

I haven't posted much recently that's worthy
of attention. Having some silly-assed sniffle thing
is no excuse. I can only say that, at times, I am lame.
And a slug. And, the worst, forgetful of my blessings.

Yesterday, I got slapped with some comeuppance
and I really, really hope it sticks. I suppose, in all
honesty, that it will fade and the necessity of being
slapped again will bring me back to humility.

One of my former co-workers is also one of my best
friends. She has stayed in contact with another co-worker
who was laid off a year before we were.

The other co-worker is a beautiful, sweet lady who never
stops smiling and loving life. She was diagnosed with
breast cancer about six months ago.

Her first surgery was to remove the tumors and cells.
Then, the heavy-duty chemo treatments began.
The resulting side-effects were gruesome but, her family
and friends say that she continues to be happy, smile and
never complains. She got more scary news.

Surgery and chemo didn't kill all the cancer cells.
She is now scheduled for a double mastectomy on
December 21, then waits for the incisions to heal
before she starts radiation. No guarantees for anything.

She's still smiling, positive and loving life.
In the photo above, taken yesterday, she is the gorgeous
blonde on the right. Colleen is her name.
The lovely lady on the left is my best friend, Jan,
who went to visit her.

Jan recently started a new job as a CNA in a nursing home.
She works in the activities department. You know, reading
books to the residents, organizing music time, decorating
rooms for the holidays, feeding them if they need help,
playing games with them, talking to the families.
She loves her job. Jan is perfect for the job.

They had a birthday party for one of the residents. The
lady was celebrating her 107th birthday. Jan said the
birthday girl insisted on cutting the cake herself and
wanted to serve everyone else. Smiling, always smiling.
Not all of Jan's stories about the residents are happy.
But, she's doing good things every day.

I don't want this to turn into a ramble. I just wanted to
share two of the many people who bless my life.
If you are of a mind to, please say a prayer for Colleen.

Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am.
Today, however, I remember.

Food for thought...

a minute
or a day
of life with you
might be just
what's needed
to nourish
a hungry soul.


jck said...

Indeed you are blessed, and thanks for the reminder. We all forget sometimes... But you have a gift for not just realizing but sharing.

Prayers for Colleen, her family and you.

Word Designer said...

What a blessing you are to your friends. Yes, my prayers are added. This is a season for miracles and I shall pray for everyone in your world to receive them. Word Designer
Architect of Prose

boneman said...

well, I just don't know, anymore

Maybe sometimes i need some of that what you have.
Oh, not the caring part...the lazy slug part.
Where can I get some of that action?

Ma was a double. It ain't easy for the gal, but, a loving family can take away the pain.
You seem like part of her family.

Froth said...

Prayers and hugs and happy laughing vibes to you and your friends.

Jean said...

Jean - thank you, dear. You of the huge heart :-)

Word Designer - you are too kind. thank you for the prayers.

Berry - I see myself as sluggish when I compare myself to others, like you <3
I'm sorry about your mom, dear.

I've sent her some cards and a few messages through Jan. I hope to visit soon.

Thank you, KimFroth! Your vibes reach far.

Fred said...

Prayers being sent for your friend Jean.

"Smiling, always smiling."

Definitely something worth aspiring to.

Jean said...

She is amazing, Freddie.
Thank you.

goatman said...

My father is entering nursing care. I only wish for someone like Jan to be there to take care of him and try to re-inspire his life.
Maybe I, and he, will get lucky.

Jean said...

I truly hope that happens for you and your father, Goatman.
Welcome to Pondering.......

Anonymous said...

I gave "this plaque" to my dentist this week. She teared up. She knows my philosophy and is very giving herself; flying to third world countries to bless others with ther professional skills....

Jean said...

hmmm, I think I know who Anon is.
(glass is on its way) It makes me feel blessed when my words affect someone deeply. Thank you.

Sparrow said...

I'll be praying for Colleen, and Jan. And of course, I always pray for you!

Doom said...

No matter how it ends, be grateful to know wonderful people. Prayer sent, special delivery.

Jean said...

and here we have two more of my blessings! Thank you, Sparrow and Doom. :-)