Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

to me
Merry Christmas to me
Merry Christmas to me-ee
Merry Christmas to me.

My computer monitor died today.
First thing this morning.
You know it had to be replaced. Had to.
Paying bills, email, IMing, blogging, and
keeping up with the
really left me no choice. I just wish I could
have paid cash instead of adding to the charge card.
Yes, I could use the local library computers but
I have some concerns about security there and
they limit your computer time to thirty minutes.
Not to mention the gas used driving there and back.

I'm still unemployed and my budget is so tight
it squeaks. Soon, it will be screaming in agony.

However, I will keep my whining limited to
this little bit here 'cause today is the day my
friend (Colleen) is having her surgery.
I haven't heard anything about that, yet.

The new monitor is a widescreen. Stuff looks weird.
Guess I'm going to have to give in and put in the
disk that came with it so it can do what they call
'adjust the resolution'. ??

ooooohh. Maybe this 109 dollah purchase can be
a business expense.


Corby said...


I hope this new year brings better things for you in all ways. Better monitors and all!


Irrelephant said...

You KNOW it can! Write that joker off!

the walking man said...

hell yes it is a business expense.

Jean said...

Thank you, Corby. Wishing all the best for you, too!

Gentlemen... I have not been able to adjust the screen image. Most irritating. Still stretched wiiiiiide.

Omnibus Driver said...

Don't suppose you'd consider abandoning FL for Chicago winters? My office is actually hiring...

Anonymous said...

Everything is a business expense. I have experience in this matter and I say EVERYTHING is a business expense. Take 40% of all home operating cost and write that shit off under "office expense". Take the same from the car, movies, food, and anything else under "travel and entertainment". And be sure to depreciate that new monitor (and anything else) as a business expense at 100% per year for one year.

Worst mistake I ever made tax-wise was to close my LLC.

dick said...

You have a net business.
Write off the entire computer, the room you're in, mileage, expenses, etc...