Tuesday, August 25, 2009


we know it only
when it's gone,
out of reach and lost.
how much we
while we
hold it in our hands.


Freddie said...

So true.

"Don't know what ya got 'til it's gone."

Jean said...

Amen! (unless we learn and get smarter next time.) ;-)

kdzu said...

Failure to appreciate what's in our hands while seeking prettier birds in the bushes seems to be a common failing.
At least for me.
Always looking for the next mountain over.

boneman said...

Well, we're chatting and I just asked if this is a sad thing and your answer seems powerful, too.
It just is

Jean said...

Larry, our society teaches to want more, more, more. Sometimes we wish our lives away.

Berry, yes. Often I think people with less appreciate what they have more than the 'well-to-do'. Perhaps they suffer loss earlier in their lives and learn a lesson sooner.
Now I'm thinking the answer I gave you is sad. So flippant I was. wow.

the walking man said...

Hence why one should regard each separate beat of the heart as a new entire life time.

If I missed something in the last life, I will wait a half second and capture it now.

Doom said...

I have thought my head off Jean, about what you write. And though that is true, I think it is (and a blessing for it) that those who have time and such in their hands, that they do take it for granted. Who would want to spend their whole fortunes counting and addressing that fortune. Spending while one has it to spend seems the only thing to do. Or, as we said in the Navy, smoke em' if you got em'.

As it is for those who have to spend it as wisely or foolishly as they may, as we age, it is for us to recount our own spending and maybe show others through our tales what wisdom, or the lack of it, might be. For us, perhaps, to be examples.

I miss the days of luxury spending, and I see clearly my unwise (and wise) choices. But I am happy with what was done as it did lead me here. As for here, I am pleased to be here, if it was an expensive trip.

Jean said...

Good philosophy, Mark.

Doom, I think if your journey has brought you to a rewarding destination, you have good reason to be proud of your life.