Friday, August 14, 2009

Paint by number...

maintain stations.
stay in line
stay blind.
outside boxes
life is noxious.
Or so they want us to agree.
guardian leaders
groupy greeters.
know what's best
for all us rest.
follow quiet
make no riot.
life is simple
then you're dead.
Choir chanting one-part harmony.


Doom said...

hehehe Yep. Stupid is as stupid does, or: lemmings have fun, for a while: or, whatever. You still said it better. :P

Then again, I am not sure if it was merely my incapacity or stubbornness which prevented me from falling in line and painting by the numbers, rather than any intelligence thing. Just look at how many Dr.s and Ph. D.s swallow it all.

So, uhrm, what is your excuse? *grins*

the walking man said...

seeing as I only have this one heartbeat to live an entire life I doubt that I will ever be schooled enough to be confined or restricted by some cartoon line drawn in a dollar store coloring book.

Maybe in the next heartbeat where I have an entirely new life to live will I find the necessity of restrictive thought and deed.

Jean said...

Doom - my only excuse was the necessity of keeping a job to pay bills. And still, sometimes, I put that at risk. They had a definite love/hate feeling for me because I always did a damn good job..ha!

Mark - I'm hoping your next heartbeat is even free-er!

boneman said...

maybe a cool paint by numbers picture would be tiny writing in each space.
Always fell outside the lines, be it paint by numbers when I was a kid, or the coloring book at the dentists office.

Dang! Do you suppose that's why they jerked all my teeth out?
To keep me from coming back and coloring outside the lines?

kdzu said...

And some of us dance to the beat of a different drummer. Only we can hear it and it keeps us out of step and to the side of all the rest.

Come on in the waters fine.

Jean said...

Berry - Of course you've always been outside the lines. You're an artist.

Larry - *SPLASH* ;-)

X said...

Do you have to know how to count in order to paint by number?

Jean said...

Not in my world ;-)