Saturday, August 29, 2009

FYI: shipping to military (APO/FPO) destinations...

Thanks to the brilliant, charming and generous
Sparrow at All Atwitter, I found out that KOHL'S
department stores will ship orders to any military
address APO/FPO.
The shipping price is based on the dollar amount
of the order to be shipped. For example, if your
order totals $100, the shipping you pay is $10.95.
Not bad at all.

I know a lot of my readers are military supporters
so I wanted to spread this info as far as possible.
Perhaps it will inspire others to send some goodies
to even more of our military currently serving in harm's way.

And, if you're not sure about what might be needed, one
of the best sites to check out is


the walking man said...


Enigma said...

Thanks Jean! Good news to know!!!!!

Jean said...

You're welcome, gentlemen.
Definitely good info to have.

Gia's Spot said...

Jean, great post! Also , the US Post office gives away the boxes, tape , labels for priority mail and charges a flat rate not by weight for anything going to the troops! I send packages twice a month and its like 13.00 . Also, my adopted soldiers say snacks are the preferred need these days! My guys said NO candy, they want to keep in shape, so I send crackers, goldfish, nuts, granola bars, etc!! Happy day! and keep the packages going!

Jean said...

Thanks, Gia. Yes, I've been using the flat rate boxes for a while. Even for shipping some of my Pondering products.
Thanks for visiting!

dick said...

Got mail from both APO and FPO. Cool.