Saturday, August 01, 2009


you said

you said
no one

has it that


Mongo said...


the walking man said...

Blindness is the only way to halt the wandering eye...a needle takes care of that.

I suppose you know what a razor blade takes care of eh?

Doom said...

Your muse is wonderfully attentive of late. I wonder what rattles that bee hive? It is good to see, even if you are picking on me. :p

Hmm, I wonder if some of these can be extended into song?

In any case, I thought it about time I complimented you on your gorgeous work of late. And the kitten was pure genius. Maybe you did not picture and edit, but you did seek, find, and post. I needed it.

boneman said...

about the kitten

Sure, it may have been a way to not come up with something, but, like campbell's soups, so much gets passed over in their attempt to focus on the product.
"Goodness" and mmmmmm, good" is their call (selling the sizzle, as it were) and yet, when taken home and put on the cabinet shelf, it will stay fresh for the can (which they didn't make) and in a few weeks, when it is taken down from the cabinet, the label (again, not made by them) will say what's in the can, and the most important...
The person that makes it will make it well and hear "mmmmm, good" or, like me, sometimes, burn it beyond recognition and make dog gravy out of it.

The new poem sounds like a guy, although my first wife made that happen for me, eh.

AspergantuS said...

reading it... I see, "HEY BUTT" and then the rest just flows...

Jean said...


Mark, there is only a problem if the wandering eye leads to more.

Doom, the beehive has been buzzing lately. I dare not pick on you, my friend. You are too big!
The kitten is from a site called 'icanhazcheezburger''s wonderful.
And thank you for the lovely compliments :-)

Berry, the kitten is PRECIOUS and FUNNY! Reminds me of my Bubba as a baby.
The poem could be from guy or girl. It happens to all.

Mick... maybe I should have added the second t, eh?

Kat said...

So much needless pain, and for what?

Jean said...

Exactly, Kat. And the sad thing is, it happens too, too often.