Friday, October 09, 2009

For my newer readers...

It's gonna be a busy weekend, mostly with non-fun
stuff that everyone has to take care of. But, I don't
want to ignore this place so I thought I'd do a series
of re-posts from my archives.

It all deals with my late husband, our marriage and his suicide.
(Just a heads up in case you wanna pass.)
It really isn't totally negative and the comments are beautiful.

It starts here: Wondering...
Then, Guess who...
and, It's all about...
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.
Guess who again... (not the same as the first Guess who...)
Part 5.

I wouldn't exactly call it entertaining but, it might
qualify as educational for some.

May you all have a wonderful weekend.


boneman said...

isn't it funny
I thought your connector was.
But then find my goof.

Oh shit, I'm sorry.
so very very sorry.
what an ass I've been.

Doom said...

I will have to go through those. I started reading somewhere in the middle, and being a forward looking only (by retardation or something) type of guy I never looked back.

It was Bane who sent me over, in one of his posts. I miss him. Hope he is good with it where he is at.

Have as good of a weekend as you can though. I'll keep you on my mind if I do something fun, just in case it offers you a kind thought or something.

Jean said...

Berry, dear, I don't understand.

Doom, I miss Bane too.
I expect to be lazy in the writing arena this weekend. Just a lot of house/yard stuff to do.
Perhaps I'll surprise myself and come up with a fun break somewhere in the next two days.
Thanks for the kind thoughts!

dick said...

After reading these chapters in your life, I've discovered pride in you, that I wasn't aware before, and admiration from this end.
I also request you to write more often as you do it so well.

Doom said...

I certainly remember, now more than ever, why I started reading here and what I see in you. Perhaps you do not think of yourself as a saint. And, maybe that is right for you. But for many of us, I think we know differently. It is good to even know, as I can in this medium, someone like you. I only hope something of you rubs off on me. *grins*

At least when you are in my prayers, it isn't for you, it is with you. That you may continue as you are, whatever may come. You are rare that way.

I hope the work is going well! I hope when you rest you can, if sore and tired, know you have been successful and fruitful. Thanks for sharing that, and again. Blessings and *hugs*.

Jean said...

Dick - I have several little things in process.
Pride in myself? If I admit to that, I somehow feel egotistical. And, I'm still not sure how far it's really gotten me. I guess surviving counts for something, though, huh?
Thank you for the compliments.

Jean said...

Doom - well, now. You guys are going to make me blubbery if I'm not careful.
Saint. huh. I sure don't see it.
Sometimes I wonder which of me is real-er... What I put here or, what I see of myself every day.
I have much yet to fix in myself.
Thank you, too, for being so kind.

dick said...

Yep, pride. You're quite a bit tougher than I had you figured for.

Tereswa said...

He was a coward, and a hateful one at that. Isn't it funny how sometimes the worst things in our life make up the best of us?

You may well be the strongest woman I have ever known. You are so soft spoken at times, so polite and accomidating to others...voted "Most Considerate" your senior year if I remember correctly? Well girlfriend, the good news is that he's rotting in hell and every day you see the sun is one more day without his pathetic ass in your life. And that's what I call a happy ending!

I have a request from your archives: Lunch at 7-11

You deserve such good things...please let yourself have every single one of them ;-)

Teresa said...

Spelled my own name wrong...HHHAAA!!!

Jean said...

Dick - I had to be.

Teresa - ha... not sure I deserve that title anymore d;-)
I guess I deserve what I work for.
A request. For you, absolutely!

(I saw the misspelling. I LOL'd)

Living Dees Life said...

i believe you're a brilliant writer!

i have "lost my muse" and i don't write my stories or poems anymore...I should maybe start sharing them? but most of them are about my ex and I'd prefer not to share those with the world... i hope to find my muse again at some point...i have no idea why i have writers block. most of my stuff is about him breaking my heart over and over again anyways... it was like my way of letting it out to stay with him...if that makes sense.

So.... I think I'll sit back and enjoy your writing until I find my way back into writers land... writing something besides my daily spill into my online journal!

Michael Morse said...

That was some difficult reading, but well worth every word. I've been present at more suicides that I care to remember, thank you for providing great insight into the survivors thoughts.

You are amazing.

I hope this doesn't confuse things, but I am a recovering alcoholic, been sober since September 24, 2001.

For the record, I never acted like Michael.

Jean said...

Blaez, thank you. Your muse will come back. Read lots of things from lots of writers. It often is inspiring.

Michael, no, you are nothing like Michael. I think he would've been the same even without the alcohol.
Congratulations on your sobriety! That's wonderful.
(I'm not even close to amazing, but thank you.)